An introduction…

In 2006 I was falsely accused of child sexual abuse!

Welcome to the story of my personal nightmare that I could have only imagined as the plot to a John Grisham novel…before it actually happened to me!

In November, 2006 my life was immediately and permanently changed in countless ways. Because of the words of one person, I found myself facing multiple first degree felony charges – and the possibility of more than 35 years in prison!  After three years of hell – I was one of the few fortunate VICTIMS of false child sexual abuse accusations – and I was ultimately cleared of all charges against me.

The purpose of this website is to share my story – with the hope that I can encourage and inspire the countless others who find themselves in the same situation.  With hope, support, a knowledgeable attorney…and a good deal of luck…it IS possible to get some of your life back.

I was inspired to create this site to share my own story after spending quite a bit of time on another website about a false accusation.  That site, which has since been removed, had such amazing similarities to my own story that I found it frightening that the same injustice I experienced is not the exception.

I hope everyone gets something out of this website – even if in the future when you hear a story of an accusation like mine on the news you at least think that maybe the accused is actually innocent.  The frequency of false accusations – I have learned – is staggering.  Prior to being personally accused, I was like everyone else and always just assumed the guilt of those accused based only on the words of one person.  I quickly learned that a charge of abuse of a child is the most dangerous charge there is – it is better to be accused of murder.  There is no other criminal charge with a higher conviction rate.  There is no other criminal charge where you don’t have the right to face your accuser.  There is no other criminal charge where there is no need for any physical evidence to get a conviction – it is one person’s word against another – and juries almost always believe children over adults.  There is no other criminal charge where the assumption is ALWAYS guilt…even when there is no evidence.  You are absolutely guilty until you prove your innocence!

I will not be using any identifying information on this website – as (believe it or not) there could actually be legal actions against ME (the real victim in my case) for things I share here.  Because of that risk, some pieces of information that are not relevant to the content of the story (such as my actual job, employer, where I live, people’s names, etc.) will be changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Please leave comments where you feel inclined.  I will try my best to respond to questions as often as possible.

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19 thoughts on “An introduction…

  1. I have seen this type of false accusation many times. I am a former police officer and I am now 70 yrs old.I detest the way the system treats people if they are indigent. PD’s are for the most part well intentioned, but in my local jurisdiction they spend an average of 7 minutes review/preparing a case. These are the numbers they (PD’S) provided. Now if someone can explain to me how you can get a effective defense from an attorney who has spent a total of 7 minutes on your case, I’ll get off my soap box and never return? I am retired and have a lot of spare time. I would really like to help. If I could learn to file motions submit request for subpoenas in concert with the accused and allow him to act in his own behalf Pro Se, Gather all of the evidence and the minutia required by a defense attorney Take and prepare statements.. Perhaps the defense attorney would give the accused a break on cost Just a thought. I of course would work gratis. I believe this could catch on and perhaps others would join the effort. If anyone knows a way to gain this knowledge please contact me

  2. esldesigns says:

    WERE YOU ON THE internet? Who accused you? Was it a Police Sting?

  3. […] newest post on the top. If you would like to read the story from the beginning – start with “An Introduction”. Thanks for reading! […]

  4. Juanita Cockrell-Nelson says:

    My son has been convicted of child molestation. The Judge gave him 18 years, There is no DNA evidence, He had a PD it has been appealed and has been denied. Please help.

  5. Jenny says:

    My husband was accused by 2 of his 4 daughters of sexual abuse. He is from West Africa and came to Ireland to study. I became involved with a mixed race Irish/Black girl brought up in care. She claimed he was the father of her child. He married her and had three more daughters the girl had many issues perhaps post natal depression, took drugs would abandon children then return numerous suicide attempts then the last straw he woke up to find her standing over him with bread knife and kids lined up ready to kill all. She had attempted to hang herself and he came home to find 2nd daughter trying to hold up her mums feet. I could go on. He left her took 3 younger daughters eldest wanted to stay with mum. He eventually started relationship with an homely Irish lady but ex committed suicide. Cut a long story … He brought family to uk, eldest daughter now a teenager killed the marriage and 2nd wife returned to Ireland. I arrive on scene divorced with 2 small children and one teen boy. We marry and 20 years on love each other have worked hard and looking forward to comfortable retirement. The oldest daughter had left home again but like someone from a Jeremy Kyle / Jerrry Springer show issues. Idid my best to be her friend encourage my
    husband to support and comfort her when she got pregnant, she had a second child and both her relationships ended as she copied her mothers behaviour. She was very jealous of me and tried to play the mother to her sisters. After a couple of years of this the next eldest daughter became an issue to deal with this after i lost it with her i just I withdrew speaking to her and we just ignored each other we made up but I hardly the eldest was step by step dividing the household. My son left home his second eldest left home and out of blue eldest came to my office I thought for usual request for money instead told me her father a ‘pervert’ and ‘rich’ as if I would not know our joint financial position (def not rich!) next I knew social services checking my kids, husband arrested nightmare for next few years of him in court and facing crown court based on 2nd oldest stories and putting youngest up to stories too. When finally we had accces to their statements I sat down did a timeline chart with photos and plainly could see allegations not true. Had I had any doubts would have left him. My mother died of cancer a month or so before the final court appearance where not guilty verdict returned after an hour. They severed all contact including grandchildren. Fast forward 11 years his eldest found dead in her flat her daughter raised by 3rd sister likely the most balanced and stable of all of them. She had dayghter taken away into care and son in prison had we adopted him I feel he would be at university now very sad. Anyway my youngest daughter torn by loyalty to them as step siblings but I think they have used her to know what state of marriage is, hubby had affair at one point but we worked that out. Mid life crisis thing when my two were around 18. He wrote to girls offering support re funeral any got back letter from youngest saying he had abandoned them and how they have struggled. The 2nd oldest is hateful and maintains he abused her because she has divided the family telling truth too late. Third daughter has family now and says cannot allow acces to her dad s he may abuse he children. He is a practising Muslim And very religious from a culture where the children are taught to be very res

  6. Kim says:

    My son is going through this nightmare right now and it is a scary thing that woman can lie and ruin someones life with no evidence or anything but the lie alone. This all was over a custody battle that she was afraid of losing due to her addictions and actions.

  7. Jeanette cotton says:

    I have a brother in a Georgia jail who has also been accused of aggravated sexual assault of a child although we have timelines and witnesses to the contrary. He has been in jail for 6 months waiting for indictment. His bond is set at 150,000. The DA won’t release anything to our attorney. In the mean time he has become very ill from what we believe is cirrorosis of the liver. There has been little done for him while he continues to deteriorate and as you can imagine is horribly depressed. So he is 60 years of age, seriously ill and being threatened by gangs to kill him! It feels very hopeless at this moment and our 82 year old mothers health is also failing. Any help and information will be greatly appreciated. Much Thanks,
    Jeanette Cotton

  8. selinawooden says:

    I have a fiancee who is in catoosa co. Jail right now who has the same kind of charges on him and has no way of getting out we don’t have a whole lot of money for a lawyer but needs to know of lawyers who could possibly be willing to help or maybe take payments til he is pd. I have a job but its not much but would be able to make payments to prove his innocence if possible he needs help and we have no idea of what to do he has no family to depend on what would be the best thing for him to do.

  9. George says:

    I was falsley accused 6 years ago. I had been in law enforcement, so I knew the system was not for me. I immediately sought legal counsel. However, I did make a statement, which is not advisable without representation present.Eventually, I was cleared of all charges. The child making the complaint is a delusional schizophrenic who is now hospitalized. Why would our law enforcement listen to someone so mentally impaired? The consequences for me continue on in my profession. I am afraid the psychos are allowed to much. They ruin good peoples lives. It was not that long ago society had the sense not to listen to them.

    • Jeanette says:

      George the court has a system and they follow it to the very end! They don’t care and they don’t investigate the other side…once that accusation is made it takes a life of it’s own…they only listen to the accuser and have no idea what actually happened except for what they were told… In our case the child and her whole family lied and contradicted themselves so many times the lawyer is amazed this has gotten so far! In fact the opening statement says “my brother did it”!!! Of course that’s what we will go with because that’s exactly what happened!! There’s only one side…they would rather prosecute than investigate and that keeps the jail systems bogged down with cases stacking up and the ones in the jails are in there for up to 5 years (some longer) waiting for indictment at the cost of 40,000 per inmate!!! This is mostly done to force a confession from the accused rather than look into the case on the other side! The child in our case is a very bright child and she and her whole family are known for lying and stealing! The child confessed to the cop who arrived to talk to everyone that her brother did it but as soon as the brother came outside she changed her story and said…no (“my” brother) did it! So I ask you…how could this have gotten this far? A rotten court system where you are guilty until you can be proven innocent! This kind of a charge is worse than murder and the sentences can be even harsher…Not good news! Good luck to everyone fighting this gruesome charge…everyone who is innocent lives day to day with the sick feeling that they will never get out!!! A lot never do…

  10. Ron says:

    It’s unfortunate that so many face these false allegations. But, why wait 3 years to clear your name?! If you are innocent, stand up and be innocent, and for goodness sake, contact the US~Observer! They have helped so many who have faced these types of false charges. Check them out!

    • IWFA says:

      I didn’t “wait three years” at all! That is how long our “system” takes to clear someone who is innocent of charges they bring against them. The prosecutor doesn’t ever want to drop a case once they press charges – even when (for YEARS) they have evidence that PROVES someone’s innocence. It is all political. A game. It has nothing at all to do with guilt or innocence to them – it has only to do with their conviction rate. A number…

      • Jeanette says:

        Thats absolutely true!!! It is a game or at least it feels like one!! When you know you are innocent and have to sit in the jail for my brothers case 2-1/2 years without an indictment!!!….that is a game! With someones life! They have figured out that if they wait long enough they will either confess or take a deal that comes with being a registered child sex offender! My brother said he will not take a “”Bargain”” when he is not guilty!! ^^read above…

  11. Tony says:

    I have been going threw a very similar situation. The year of my life has been turned upside down. And to make it even worse it was my only child (daughter) that made the false accusations all because she was angry and couldn’t get her way. Its seems as though the world is listening to her and making her feel like the victim. But who will call a young teen-ager to accountability for there actions. I have raised my daughter alone for most of her life and overall we had a pretty close relationship. So i thought! What is a father to do? I have lost job, relationships, my home, lost respect, and the list goes on. I currently have a lawyer on stand by if she doesn’t change her story. In the mean time me and my wife are holding on to the alter of prayer. Otherwise i could easily slip into deep depression.

  12. My name is Myra Richardson. A documentary based upon my story premiered in Chicago in September, 2011, I remember speaking with the audience during a Q & A session immediately following the film, and imploring them to stand with a targeted teacher. I had no idea that 2 months later, a young teacher by the name of Mary Eve Thorson would sacrifice her life to call attention to the bullying of teachers in her district. An article was written about Mary’s suicide and appeared in the Chicago Tribune on January 1st of this year. I immediately contacted her parents after reading it, and asked if I could tell her story in the form of a documentary, The film premiered in Chicago this past June, and also in Washington, DC at the Save Our Schools convention. Mary was accused of abusing a child because she refused to alter the poor grades of her students – all for the sake of continued funding within the institution (No Child Left Behind). Before Mary ended her life, she left behind a detailed 6 page suicide letter which spoke to the severe levels of bullying experienced by the other teachers at the hands of administrators/educators, the students who suffered as a consequence of watching the abuse, and the depressed condition of the school. Teachers throughout the state of Illinois and across the country responded to this woman’s death. When a teacher is targeted, nothing is off limits as far as causing that teacher to lose their livelihood. I have a petition on to pass an anti-bullying bill which will protect teachers from this kind of inhumane and shameful treatment. Please enter the link I’ll provide to sign it. I am tired of seeing teachers destroyed. Now, teachers are even killing themselves to relieve the pain of having their professions and lives desecrated. Here is the link to the petition. Please pass it along. Thank you, and my prayers go out to all teachers whom are suffering.

  13. emma says:

    my story is in the works (well, a fictional version of it – don’t want to get sued)

    Laws are needed to keep people from harassing others… but just one person’s word should NOT be all it takes. They should be able to prove their accusations before destroying the lives of others. My story isn’t over… but one day I’m sure it will have a happy ending… still need an attorney and/or media to blow the lid off this mess…

  14. brook tyler says:

    I left my teaching position a few years ago. One of the biggest reasons was I was tired of accusations. From year to year, it varied. I was accused of physical abuse almost every year and then the accusations of sexual innuendo started popping up. It was a field day for the most dysfunctional students by the time I resigned. The crooked director of hr, investigated and actually went to the police. Please check out teacherhunt.blogspot,com

    • Jeanette says:

      It’s at the point where teachers as well as police will all have to wear body cams!! Phone cams are already changing the way people think about how abusive the police really are…how else would we know? Everyone who are in a position where abuse is or can happen needs to consider that kind of protection…

  15. Heather says:

    I am trying to find some support for someone I know and myself. One of My dear friends son was accused and convicted of a murder that he did not do and now my friend is locked up also please check out my page on facebook thank you

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