Leicester police seek charges against teen who reported rape

Here is a news story about a police department in Leicester, Massachusetts who is trying to get stiffer penalties for those who make false allegations.

Some excerpts:

“Citing fraudulent crime reports in his town and around the area, Police Chief James J. Hurley said stiffer penalties for filing false police reports are needed. Those accused face harsher penalties than those making false claims against them, he said.”
“Chief Hurley said, ‘The punishment for this type of crime needs to be increased. If you fraudulently accuse someone of a crime that could put them in jail for 20 years, then the person who fraudulently reports the crime should face the same penalty.'”

A link to the full article is below:

Leicester police seek charges against teen who reported rape.

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2 thoughts on “Leicester police seek charges against teen who reported rape

  1. Kris says:

    I am a survivor of sexual abuse, and it makes me so angry that anyone would falsely accuse someone of this atrocious crime. I’ve never been believed by the majority of my family; they think I made it up to seek attention (although I am far from an attention seeker). What I’m saying is that these false allegations not only harm the person being accused, they harm those of us who have actually gone through this damaging event. I have to live with the emotional pain every day, and people who make false claims make it harder. They give a sense of false credibility to people who think I’m lying about my abuse.

  2. mitch says:

    I am going through this exact same thing right now. I feel hopeless. Please help me. Contact me if you can by email

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