New URL Alias!

So – I’ve been thinking about the blog a lot lately, and how I need to get back into weekly updates (which I will start doing ASAP).  One thing that has bothered me since the beginning was how long my URL was (  Every time I type it I have to try to spell it in my head to make sure I get it right.  So, I decided to buy a second domain name to make a little easier to direct people to the site.  The new URL is  If you simply use this new URL it will forward you to the “old” longer one  – easier to remember, and a lot less typing!  (If you are trying this immediately after I posted this update – wait a little while…the back-end changes are still being processed to make this work).

Stay tuned for some updates in the really near future!  Thanks for you support – and PLEASE share my web address with everyone you know so they, too, can follow along.

If you enjoy following my story please subscribe to this site by entering your email address at the very bottom of the page – then you will be notified immediately of new posts!  You can always unsubscribe at anytime! ~ IWFA Blog

2 thoughts on “New URL Alias!

  1. Sask says:

    Please take time to finish the story.
    My story is very similar – would love a chance to share my story with you.

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