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This is the first post to my story in about two years.  Time seems to get away from you, and even with the best of intentions to post regularly, it just didn’t happen.  I was inspired to continue my story now after the unfortunate passing of my attorney, who truly became my friend.  Protecting the public from DA’s who knowingly proceed with the prosecution of innocent people was a passion of his.  I am so proud to have known him, and of the strength he gave to me throughout my ordeal.  

And to the followers of my story – as always there are no words to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support you have shown to my blog over the years.  I want to ensure that you get to hear the full story as well.  So…here is the next ‘chapter’ in my life’s story!

After an arrest for a “crime” such as this, you have no idea how fast your life falls apart.  In my first meeting with my attorney, he cautioned me to be prepared for the fallout.  But, there is really no way to fathom what is actually ahead.  I thought I would use this brief post to share a bit of how drastically my life changed, and began to unravel after word of my arrest got out.

Career – As soon as I notified my boss of the arrest, I was immediately suspend from my position.  For over a decade I had dedicated my life to my career.  It was really all I knew – and now that was stripped from me.  My routine consisted of going to work, giving my all, and making a difference in my community every day.  What was I going to do now without a job to go to every day?  Who was going to pick up my work and make sure it was done to my standard?  How quickly could I appeal and get the suspension overturned?

Professional Reputation – Prior to my arrest I was well known in my profession.  I regularly presented professional development classes in my area.  I was asked to speak from time-to-time on particular topics that I was especially known for.  I had won “prestigious” awards for excellence in my field.  The suspension from my position was expected, but the real, crippling blow came just a week later when I received a certified letter in the mail advising that my professional certifications were being suspended as well.  Any chances of winning my job back were now gone.  Any opportunities to teach on the side had just vanished as well, and along with it the reputation I had worked so hard to built.

Finances – This is by far the biggest unexpected impact.  In the blink of an eye, 100% of your income is gone.  The bills – mortgages, car payments, insurance, utilities -, however, don’t stop!  In fact, your financial obligations now grow wildly beyond all expectations.  Legal retainers, professional fees and more eat through your savings in no time at all.  How are you supposed to live with no income, and new out of control debt?  Is it ever possible to overcome this?

Community Involvement – Another area that was very important to me was involvement in my community.  It was something I was committed to since, literally, my high school days.  I was physically made sick when just days after my arrest I received a letter from the civic organization that received the majority of volunteer hours stating that I did not “meet their high moral standards of membership”.  This is an organization I had sacrificed significantly to support over the years – an organization who’s leaders I was friends with, whom had been to my home countless times.  An organization who’s members I had personally supported when they had fallen on hard times.  And now, for the first time in my life, I was the one who needed support and the leaders I had unconditionally supported for YEARS didn’t even pick up a phone to ask me what was going on, to send their support, to ask questions.  MY organization sent me a letter…

News Coverage – About a week following the arrest my family found a short story buried in our local paper about me, and of course the article clearly insuanted guilt without providing any actual evidence.  The real scare came the following day when my office called and told me there was a news crew there looking for information on me.  They set up a remote feed truck in the parking lot of my office.  Shortly after that a neighbor called to tell me there were news vans in front of my house!  My co-workers already knew what was going on, but my neighbors were about to find out in the worst possible way. What was I going to do now?

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15 thoughts on “THE FALLOUT BEGINS

  1. Jen says:

    I am wrongfully accused of sexual abuse in the first degree by a person of trust. I have been a successful teacher for 10 years and an even better coach. Because one boy who I have had trouble with since his sophomore year was mad at me and was afraid I was going to kick him off the team, made an accusation that I performed oral sex on him in my classroom. The humiliation led me to the point that I tried to commit suicide twice. The only reason I am still here and didn’t take a plea that involved no jail time was my family. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls that I have to fight for. The trial is approaching and I am scared because my lawyer is just preparing for my case. Their evidence is the word of a 17 year old and his friends. How do you keep the faith and remain strong? What advice do you have for me?

    • IWFA says:

      Hi. I understand how easy it is to feel like everything is against you. BUT, you can’t let that distract from what you need to do right now. You need to be strong, work with your attorney, build character witnesses, etc. Your will goes a long way…stay super strong. The best of luck to you!

  2. Nova Tedford says:

    Please continue with the blog. I am inspired every time i read something from here. Mary, I am so sorry to hear about your friend, just stand by his side if you believe in him. As for this story: Your story encourages and inspires me. My boyfriend was falsely accused over a year ago. It has been a real life nightmare. We are healing through it but the scars are there. Please let’s get more people to talk on here, it is helping me cope with my anger and frustration. I am still to this day shocked at how ****** up our system is. We had an amazing attorney, best in the county and we still took a plea, it was a very good one but these allegations are tremendously dangerously hard to prove your innocence…especially when the child is and has been coerced. We are both in awe that this happened and how quickly at that. Your guilty until proven otherwise, even if there’s no evidence to support it.

  3. linlatt2014 says:

    My son is in Prison for ten years for a false allegation. The prosecutor knew, without a doubt, that he did not do it. Her uncle did it(the mothers brother that she protected). The child was video taped and confessed that she said daddy once by accident when she was telling her story. A CPS report that was hidden until after the sentencing. Besides this is all a memory from one incident from a 7 yr old child who had a memory from age 3. She told her story many times and it was always the uncle. The only person who ever heard it was “daddy” was a mentally ill, ex-wife who wanted to divorce and have 100% custody of the children. Prior to this story she did not have a chance as the dad had nothing negative on his record like the mom did. He had a private attorney,paid for by an old high school friend(who was warned not to help, but he also told the defense attorney there would be no money for trial, which probably hurt my son as his attorney knew this)! We believe now, that the defense attorney “gave him up, on a quid pro quo deal” After 16 months of my son being incarcerated in county jail he was very ill. He had no fight left in him. The judge warned him that if it went to trial, he would lose due to negative exposure. She further warned that if he lost at trial he would get 25 to life. All the support he and I had left was each other. His ex made sure she contacted every family member and friend and convinced them of his guilt. It turned out 2 of his best friends had family members on the police department. One of them was the “lead detective” Needless to say, my son never had a chance. Two weeks before he was sentenced his wife served him with divorce papers and got 100% custody of the children. She moved in and is now engaged to one of my son’s “former” friends. He has a lot more money that my son did, including a new house. He also bought her a new van and is paying for her to go to nursing school. I, as a mother of an accused child molester have also lost everything. I was physically assaulted and denied the right to have the person arrested. In fact the local police would not even take a report. I have moved from my old neighborhood. I moved to a place within driving distance to visiting my son. I live in sheer poverty in order to send my son money so he will not go hungry and will have clothing in prison. He has lost 80 pounds in the last 2 years. All of the things that were signed for and agreed upon in his plea agreement, the parole board is now trying to take from him. We are indigent. The defense attorney also collected $4000 for an “expert witness” who never appeared. Since I have power of attorney and was given all rights to any and all documents in my son’s case, I have written to his attorney and told him I want copies of EVERYTHING in my son’s file. I have asked for them 7 times and he ignores me. I have asked about the $4000 and he ignores me. There are so many issues that are so wrong in this case that I am writing a book. I am about 60% done with the book. I will self publish if I can get the money to do so. Project Innocence will not take my son’s case as there is, and never has been any DNA evidence. My ex daughter in law read a written letter in open court and she stated very plainly that she felt as if she had a gun in her hand and she had to choose who to shoot, her husband or her brother, so she made a deal with the devil. She ask that he get lifetime probation. The agreement was 5 years probation. The parole board is trying to make it lifetime. What a crock! No one cares! My son says God has a plan for our lives and that good will come from this. I have not seen my grandchildren for 2 years and prior to this I saw them everyday since the day they were born. I grieve everyday for my son and grandchildren. Our lives have been shattered.One day at a time is how I get through it, as does my son, one day at a time. I have a Something good has got to come from this! (in addition to this, I have been fighting cancer alone)God bless you all! The Bible says it is just as bad for an innocent man to be imprisoned as it is a guilty man to go free!

    • Nova Tedford says:

      Omg…… heart goes out to you. If you need someone to talk to you can talk to me. My boyfriend and i have gone through our own horror this past year. I don’t know if this helps at all, but you and your son are in my heart and my prayers. I am so sorry for what has happened to you. We went through a nightmare and are rebuilding now.

      • Nova Tedford says:

        Also, if this brings any comfort, even is it’s small…….she will have to face what she did one way or another. It’s something i believe with my whole heart….people who do evil things of this nature do not get off scott free. It’s a spiritual law.

  4. Amber Smith says:

    Here’s my son’s chaos…….

    April 3rd 2014 was a normal day until I received a text message from someone who I thought was my friend of 8 years. I, my son and my daughter shared a house with the family who accused my son of sexual assault X 2 of a 14 year old young lady. Whom my family has been friends with for roughly 8 years. My son was arrested on Thursday April 3rd 2014. He was treated a hardened criminal. No phone call was allowed to his family. The Det. at the LHCPD was very rude and crude to me along with my son’s dad he stated that my son was guilty and he believed the young lady. I hired an attorney at the time. Friday April 4th 2014 at the initial court hearing the judge did not even give it a second thought he ordered NO BAIL at all. My son was later sent to Kingman, AZ Mohave County Jail. He was placed in a SO pod with more hardened criminals.
    Wednesday April 9th 2014, After 7 days in jail my son was released from jail with NO paper work, No court documentation at all. Called his attorney, attorney stated that the court and county attorney had no evidence at all. No Complaint Filed…..
    Still had to have our ducks in a row, I was told to be my sons best advocate so that what I did, I printed everything I could find on face book, meet me,, hot or not, etc…… I print almost 500 pages to discredit this family.
    Sometime in April 2014 the County Attorney asks for more information from his police dept. I ask for a full police report I am refused a police report over and over.
    In May 2014 my son graduates High School thank you god….
    LHCPD calls the ARMY recruiter, tells him that my son will not be shipping to the ARMY since there is yet again charges pending…..
    Jumping to June 2014
    My son is jumping through hoops to still ship out to boot camp to serve is country.
    June 21st 2014 my family leaves for PHX, AZ to pre-pare my son for his ship date, go shopping for items needed, see grandparents, etc…
    The morning of June 23rd 2014 my son was suppose to ship for basic training, we get a phone call to come pick him up the ARMY was kicking him out due to false allegations of sexual assault. I pondered for several hours on what my next step would be… I called this so called attorney we hired for a small fee of $12,000.00 yep $12,000.00 for no services rendered… Told the attorney what took place in PHX that my son was kick out of the ARMY. He stated “Well Ms. Smith your son has won he is not in orange behind bars” “and there is nothing I can do for your son”. He told me to have a nice day… How do a mother and child have a nice day after he has been kicked out the ARMY and told by his attorney threes nothing he can do?
    Mind you we still DO NOT have a police report for the allegations.
    I pondered for a few more days, my next step was to get my hands on a police report and I did finally after an informal meeting with the higher up at the police dept. that I have worked with for years at our local family business. He did get me a report finally I made him a folder of about 1/4 of the information I had to discredit this young lady and her Mother. In my opinion he was in shock. Face book post stated if you were to date me what you would do rape me, kiss, hug me etc…
    I did read all 92 pages of the police report, the young lady never really stated that my son sexually assaulted her she agrees with the Det. and the advocate not once does this young lady come out as say He Raped me or sexually assaulted me. Within those 92 pages of lies and the police helping her create a story, I went thru page by page with sticky notes writing notes along with pointing out “Their” errors.
    Several days later I go back to the police dept for yet another “meeting” pointing out error after error to Det. G grateful he listened to what I had to say. I was told several times “off the record” this case should have never been filed with County Attorney. My next hurtle is to get the county attorney on board with my fight to clear my sons name.
    Well that was a bit harder then what I thought, the Police dept was easy. Upon my first phone call to the county attorney I was told that my son was guilty. Without even seeing what evidence I have gathered up again post from multiple web site that she posted on journal entries we found in the house along with pictures.
    We had an informal meeting with the county attorney in July 2014 to be shot down he really did not want to hear what we had to say or see what was presented to him. Basically in America you are guilty and good luck proving yourself innocent. I walked out of County attorney’s office shaking my head in disbelief along with tears flowing. This is a man whom I have never met before doesn’t know my family and still thinks my son is guilty. I am not one to judge others but, an attorney resenting the county I would think could at least iron his shirt…. I am not one to take no for an answer. I called his boss Mr. S. I was warned that he was a hard man to deal with wow Det. G was not joking. I did get a letter from the County Attorney’s office that there was NO charges No complaint ever filed but, still not good enough for the Army. I need court documentations stating DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE. Yet again I go over Mr. S’s head and go to the head County Attorney he was helpful and did state that his office is not going to take this case to trial but still will not give me the proper paperwork needed to get the Boy to the ARMY… Since it is against Mohave County Attorney’s office not to write a dismissal with prejudice but, if there are no case, no complaint filed and no charges pending what is the difference?
    My son has had a life ruined over a lie from a young lady screaming for attention from her parents. She has been caught smoking, cutting, drinking and doing drugs plus going to parties. She has freely admitted this to her mother and her mother just blames everyone but herself for her parenting skills. I have suggested to her mother that her daughter needs therapy; mom states that therapy is a waste of time….. WOW not a waste of time if it will help your child… But, hey what do I know I guess nothing.
    Her father has tried to commit suicide her mother has more men in and out of the home around her children after meeting them online, knowing them for on 24 hours. Not sure what that is teaching her children.
    Mom has been married 3 times before the age of 40. Not that I am perfect but, I did not allow new men around my children every other week….. Men to her mother are just toys, she uses them for money and sex she is the definition of a black widow.
    Aug-Sept 2014 I have fired my son attorney in writing, 2 times asked for a full refund along with all my paper work that I supplied him with to prove my son innocents. It has been 30 days with no cooperation from him or his office. We have made a complaint with ARIZONA BAR ASSOC. along with a formal complaint to our ARIZONA congressmen and women. I will not take NO for answer anymore. My family has been done wrong.
    My son CIVIL RIGHTS have been violated in the matter, he cannot join the military at this time. I am personally out a ton of money my son has lost money from joining the ARMY along with $80,000.00 college bonus. This family that has made the allegations against him his living large with no worries, no remorse on the chaos my family was caused. Just because we live in a Podunk town of Lake Havasu City, AZ doesn’t mean our local PD and Attorneys office can get away with this…… I will not stop until something changes. Turning a negative into a positive is the gold here.
    People please raise your daughters to tell the truth and raise your boys to be loving men and treat women like queens….

    Amber Smith
    Concerned Mother

  5. Mary Nell Coblentz says:

    I first found your site when a friend of mine was accused of molesting children in his 4th grade classroom 30 years ago. He had been investigated in 1987 and found non-guilty – but left his job over it. Now, all these years later, the investigator has died and the records are lost… The the guy who accused him years ago when to the assistant DA, who is known for convicting child molesters – the story hit the news and you can well imagine what happened next with the media, friends, neighbors, church, etc. etc. More “children now in their 40’s” join the banwagen and he was accused of over 200 counts… All but one supposedly happening on a constant basis right in the classroom with his door open!

    I tried to tell him how important it was that he had an attorney who had would fight for him and also aggressively cross examine his accusers, but he didn’t realize what he was up against and just went to a local lawyer, who I n my opinion, was without sufficient experience with such a case.

    Long story short, he was given life in prison without parole. There are very few of us who believe him and is standing by him as he sits in a maximum security prison as a “dangerous and violent criminal.” It’s sooooo sad!! He’s appealing the case and, because he now has no money to fight, he has a court appointed lawyer who doesn’t even know him. there seems little hope he will get a fair trial.

    If you have any words of wisdom for him – or if any of your followers do – I would love to hear them!!

  6. Kimberly garner says:

    All are in my prayers!!! My boyfriend is falsely imprisoned. No proof of allegations. Terrible lawyer. List goes on and on.won’t stop fighting till he’s home!!!

  7. says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your attorney. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with others.

    • IWFA says:

      Thank you so much for you thoughts and kind words! I think this will be the inspiration I need to continue with the blog!

      • Nova Tedford says:

        IWFA: Your story is amazing!!!! Thank you for your courage to share it. You will never know how much better it made me feel knowing we we’re not alone. Although it saddens us deeply when we read the stories, (more than you will ever know) it gives us strength to know we are not alone.

      • IWFA says:

        Thank you so much for the kind words! This is the entire reason I made the decision to share my story!

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