In 2006 I was falsely accused of child sexual abuse!

Welcome to the true story of my personal nightmare that I could have only imagined as the plot to a John Grisham novel…before it actually happened to me!

In November, 2006 my life was immediately and permanently changed in countless ways. Because of the words of one person, I found myself facing multiple first degree felony charges – and the possibility of more than 35 years in prison!  After three years of hell – I was one of the few fortunate VICTIMS of false child sexual abuse accusations – and I was ultimately cleared of all charges against me, although the effects of the false accusation still continue today.

The purpose of this website is to share my story – with the hope that I can encourage and inspire the countless others who find themselves in the same situation.  With hope, support, a knowledgeable attorney…and a good deal of luck…it IS possible to get some of your life back.

I hope everyone gets something out of this website – even if in the future when you hear a story of an accusation like mine on the news you at least think that maybe the accused is actually innocent.  The frequency of false accusations – I have learned – is staggering.  Prior to being personally accused, I was like everyone else and always just assumed the guilt of those accused based only on the words of one person.  I quickly learned that a charge of abuse of a child is the most dangerous charge there is – it is better to be accused of murder.  There is no other criminal charge with a higher conviction rate.  There is no other criminal charge where you don’t have the right to face your accuser.  There is no other criminal charge where there is no need for any physical evidence to get a conviction – it is one person’s word against another – and juries almost always believe children over adults.  There is no other criminal charge where the assumption is ALWAYS guilt…even when there is no evidence.  You are absolutely guilty until you prove your innocence – and even then you can still get convicted!

I will not be using any identifying information on this website – as (believe it or not) there could actually be legal actions against ME (the real victim in my case) for things I share here.  Because of that risk, some pieces of information that are not relevant to the content of the story (such as my real job, employer, where I live, people’s names, etc.) will be changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Please leave comments where you feel inclined, and feel free to contact me using the form provided.  I will try my best to respond to questions as often as possible.

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An Introduction


The Precursor…

The Interrogation

Breaking The News

Life Goes On

I Was Arrested

First Experience With A Lawyer

Choosing the RIGHT Lawyer

The Fallout Begins

To read about the impact of a false accusation on family and friends please click here.

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  1. Emily says:

    This story is truly touching. As my father has been recently falsly accused of some of tr charges, it gives me hope. As we prepare for the jury trial I can only hope this mans message gives my dad enough hope to keep waking up each day. It’s truly heart wrenching to see someone you love go through so much pain.

  2. The Best Advice says:

    I cant state any details because I was never charged, I was arrested for questioning on allegations of Sodomy, Statutory Rape, Child Molestation. If there is one thing you learn from this whole site is NEVER SPEAK TO POLICE OR ANYONE! Have a lawyer contact the prosecutor before they file charges, This is the only chance you have to beat this case! Give your lawyer everything you can to put doubt in the prosecutors mind. This is the most critical time. If your lawyer can make the prosecutor doubt the allegations then he might be inclined to no issue warrants for your arrest.

  3. bubbabru says:

    I have read most of the stories here over a period of time. I am so sorry for what you guys have been through. My angle is somewhat unique and it may not be of any interest but at least it will allow me to say how screwed up this situation is.
    I moved to LA after high school just as the McMartin School molestation trial was in high gear. As a gay man with many gay friends, I watched as 3 of my good pals decided to quite teaching for no other reason than the fear of a student getting upset with them and calling out sex abuse. This was three men who were SO devoted to teaching and spent their own money to make sure these kids has the right materials for school. It put the fear of hell in me and so I have spent my life avoiding children at all cost. I don’t hang out with people who have them and I make certain that no circumstances exist where I am alone with a child. Mind you my sexual interest is with the man I have been with 23 years but it is nothing more than irrational fear. Yet I read the stories here and I think, maybe they are not irrational.

    Now living in a fairly conservative city in Texas, we never answer the door when kids come to sell anything. One night we were coming in from dinner and before the garage door shut a group of 11 or 12 year old boys rode up on bikes and asked us if we were “fags”. We were both in shock so my partner asked him to repeat himself. And he did. I asked one where he lived and told them all never to return to my house or utter another word to either of us unless they had their parents with them. We freaked out because we didn’t know what they would go tell their parents, but by telling them to only come around with them I thought would alleviate the family problems. Long story short, I was out walking the dogs a couple of years ago and a youngish man came up and introduced himself. He was in fact one of those kids that asked if we were “fags”. As it turned out, he was now a full grown gay men who wanted to talk to gay men. He said he was so frightened that I was going to tell his parents he asked and I told him our version of being frightened.

    I think what upsets me the most is when I read that someone who has been murdered being portrayed as a child sexual abuser when he is not here to defend himself. The fact that 95 percent of these cases ONLY COME UP in divorce proceedings tells me there should be very harsh punishment when it is determined these are not true. The woman should get more than a slap on the hand.

    Thanks for letting me invade your space. Thanks for sharing your stories and please know that not everyone in America believes everything they hear.

    • Vernnena Staab says:

      Here in Washington state The Governor Noified the Sheiffs to get some sex abuse cases or they would lose their federal funding. She got sex abouse cases by the dozens. In Wisconsin There are about 3,777 on the waiting list.From what I understand the program nets about 2500 a year per inmate. The people It employs is beyond belief.

  4. IWFA says:

    You are correct – I was away from the blog for quite some time, but I am back now and just posted the next “chapter”…

  5. brian d riggs says:

    Thank you for this site/posting etc. Am reliving this personal hell via my youngest son (24yrs. Old) he is currently intered at umatilla correctional facility. Falsely accused, betrayed by a broken, corrupt system. I will be closely monitoring your site and contributing what usefull information i can as we enter into the appeals process. My thanks for knowing now that we are not alone

    • Steve says:

      I want to encourage everyone here to read my story on http://www.falseconvictions.com. It will show you how easy it is for someone to get a conviction and it does not even have to be true. Also, if you believe in my innocence, please sign my petitions under the petition tab. Together, we can make a difference. You can follow me on Twitter at SeekJustice1. This is an outrageous story and I will never give up until my name is cleared.

  6. Heather Walters says:

    Hi, I am a family member of a victim. My brother in-law was accused of molesting his daughter, he was in a feud with his ex-wife and her new husband over visitation.

    My husbands sister is one to find away to access free help from government agencies. She knows how to qualify for SSI benefits and make a wish foundation to name a few. Recently she accused my father in-law of molesting his granddaughter. He is now in prison for life. She is friends with my brother in-laws ex wife. they talk and just recently my brother in-law was accused of molesting his daughter, he was jailed, and shunned by his entire family.

    However he lived with me and my husband and our 9 children for a few months while working on an airport job in our town. While living at our home we observed no kind of abusive behavior from him towards our family.

    I believe this was done to him in order to get money from victims of violent crime. Is there anything we can do to help him be heard?

  7. Mike says:

    My son is going through this at this moment. He was arrested in November of 2013. His daughter accused him of molesting her when she was 6 years old and is now 15. His daughter said that he molested her in the beginning of summer of 2013 which is impossible. My son was gone for almost a year and a half and had not seen his children for that long. When he got home he moved in with me and my wife in May of 2006. He did not get his children until the end of June beginning of July 2006 and when he got them he brought them here to my home where is was living and lived here until he was arrested in November of 2013 …. His daughter said he molested her in his girlfriends apartment but he did not meet this girlfriend until the end of September 2006. His daughters date changed a couple months later to the to say it happened between May 2006 and May 2007 at his girl friends apartment. This girl friend and he broke up around August of 2007 but the whole time they were together she would start arguments and fights. When they did break up on her way out of my home she yelled back at my son I will get even with you you f fin bitch, I will see your ass in jail, I can be a vindictive bitch …. at that time his girlfriend and his ex wife were bitter enemies, did not like each other at all … His ex wife constantly accused him of not wanting to pay child support, accused him saying his friends were more important to him then his children, that he was a dead beat father all of which are not true, I know, he lived with me and I seen how he loved his kids and how they got along all the time which was lovingly and caring …. His daughter never once shyed away from him, never once hid from him, never once said any bad things about him the whole time from the first time he picked his children up until he was arrested and put in prison in November 2006 because his daughter accused him of molesting her when she was 6 years old ……. His ex wife then stopped him from having his children at all in December of 2006 … she had full custody of his children because she filed for custody when he was not able to attend the custody hearing … My son has not seen his children in almost 2 years now, the last, almost year now, he has been in prison. While in prison for something he did not do and has not even had a trial yet the guards told inmates he was a pedophile which lead him to be jumped by 7 inmates who beat him to the point he had to be taken to the hospital. This was only 3 weeks after he was arrested and put in prison. When he returned to the prison from the hospital the prison put him in protective custody which is in a solitary cell where he has to spend 23 and a half hours every day of his life by himself in a cell. He has been in that cell since the first week of December 2006 until now …. the public defender assigned to him was a nice guy but a real passive person and should not even be a criminal attorney. He thought my son was guilty and the detective doing the investigations thought my son was guilty which cause both not to do their job the way it should have been done … almost a year and my sons public defender only went out to the prison 3 times to see my son and each time was only a short time, not enough time to discuss his case the way it should have been discussed with my son … in the mean time come to find out that his ex girl friend and his ex wife became buddy buddy hanging around with each other. Both are very vindictive people both with a major vendetta against my son. His ex accused him of not wanting to get a job so he could pay child support which is not true at all…. As I said my son has had very bad knees since childhood and his knees caused him to loose the job he had been at for 2 years … later on he got a better job making almost 20 dollars an hour … after being there for 5 months he asked for medical leave to get his knees taken care of … they gave it to him and gave him papers to get filled out by his doctor … he took those papers back and then they gave him another paper to get filled out and when he brought that paper back they told him he had been laid off … he lost his medical leave, his medical insurance and his job … the kicker is 2 days later they had a ad in the paper to hire someone to fill the position he had and was suppose to have been laid off from it … so what they did was fired him because of his knees … he was never able to get another job due to his knees, he had been to specialist who told him he needed knee replacements but that was not good enough for his ex wife she still accused him of not wanting to get a job to help with his children … another lie .. she has told every one she can that he is a no good father, she has tried to turn his children against him, turn his sisters against him due to the lies she has told …. and now that his ex and his ex girlfriends are buddy buddy ,,… to me that smells like conspiracy to get him locked up and out of the way by accusing him of child molestation …I do not know how they got his daughter to say he did that because they were always close. He had paid another girl friend to give his daughter horse back riding lessons of which she went to a couple times and loved it but the horse she could ride got sick and she could not go to the lesson any more. Her father told her that and she did not believe him and got really pissed at him like I had never seen her before …. about 4 months after his ex wife stopped him from seeing his children his daughter went to her school counselor and told her that her daddy had molested her when she was 6 years old …. when he first brought his children to our home after getting them in July 2006 his daughter was really with drawn, very quiet, very different then she had been …she did not like anyone looking at her, she did not like anyone looking at her when she ate or did anything … I could not get close to her any more … My wife and I could not figure out what was wrong with her because she was so different then when we last seen her more then a year ago…. but she was always close to her daddy as i said in the beginning and still close to him even though she would not let me or any other man get close to her…. his daughter was very close to her father like a normal daughter and father but after he told her she could not go horse back riding any longer because the horse was sick she turned on him …. that is the only time she ever shyed away from her father, did not want to talk to him …. now she saying her father molested her when she was 6 in the summer of 2006 and now saying between may 2006 to may 2007 …. My son is not a pedophile, he is not a pervert … he loves his daughter and his son to the point he would give his life for them …. it is not in my sons personality or his character to even think of doing something like that to his daughter or for that matter any other little girl.
    Now I find out that he can go to prison just based on his daughters testimony alone, with out any other evidence what so ever but her statement accusing him of molesting her …. I call that a Kangaroo court if I ever seen one …. prosecution can use hearsay but defense cannot … it that a fair trial, I doubt it …. My son is innocent of the accusations by his daughter … and no matter how much evidence his attorney can present to the jury proving his innocents the jury can still believe his daughter more and send my son to prison for the next 50 years of his life for something he did not do … it is not bad enough his daughter is accusing him of molesting her and having that charge, prosecution has added 6 other related charges which can send my son to prison for 70 years for something he did not even do …

    There are three thing that may help my son ….

    First …. His mother had talked to his daughter in July of 2007 … two months after he was supposed to have molested his daughter. His first ex girl friend had asked his mother to talk to his daughter because she thought his daughter was being molested. His mother took his daughter tothe side and talked toher asking her if anyone had ever touched her anywhere on her body and if she knew what bad touch was … his daughter told his mother that no grand ma, no one has ever touched me at all anywhere … If the did I would tell you …His daughter and his mother are very close ….

    Secondly …. Two friends of my son lived in the same apartment with his ex girl friend where he was accused of molesting his daughter … the one friend was always there because she worked out of that aprtment for her father …. she told my sons attorney that not ever did she see my son touch his daughter as his daughter has accused him of. Him and his children were never alone in that apartment. The apartment was only a one bedroom apartment, it was a small apartment and if anything was going on his friend would have known or seen it or heard it …

    Thirdly … His daughter was always telling me, my wife, her daddy and his friends that she wanted to come live with us so she could live with her daddy … she did not like living with her mother who now has 2 other kids by two other men.
    she said this up until just before she got pissed at her dad for not taking her horse back riding any longer …

    But now this is not the end of this … his other ex girlfriend who he was with for more then a year and then broke up with because he caught her cheating on him has a daughter that now has accused him of molesting her … she accused him of this one week after this ex girl friend found out he was in prison for his daughter accusing him of molesting her …. but that is not all either … come to find out now that his first ex girl friend and his ex wife and now this ex girl friend are all hanging around together even after all of them were bitter enemies with each other …

    Now even after all this evidence for my son the jury can still convict my son just based on his daughters testimony and accusation if they believe her more then the evidence and my son … My son goes to trial Wednesday, October 1, 2014 …. I am writing this the night before his trial ….

    What does every one think??????

  8. sara says:

    Thank you for sharing your story
    here is mine I am 36 and a mother of 2 boys oldest one never really in my life but the younger one was he is 14 he lives with his dad 6 yrs ago I took off with my son because his father hitting him well we found us after 2 weeks he gained custody of him everything was fine saw my son alot sent boxes every month to my son did my best to be in his life well 2weeks ago my life was torn apart my youngest said I rapped him 6yrs ago but days before I have emails from my son saying he loves me wants to live with me I have video of him saying he misses me live me then out of blue I find my oldest child I felt its time for my sons to talk then my youngest says I rapped him I am so sick over this it came from no where I am in such a daze I don’t know what to do my mother was killed I am getting a check from her death told my son I’m getting a home for us he was so excited not sure if he dad is scared he will loose the child support I do pay to him and its fear of that but my son swears I did it I can’t fathom how he thinks I could do this to him he says now he hates me never wants to see me again I always tried to be a great mother to him I just don’t know what to do should I get a lawyer before they file charges on me plz help

    • Kristie says:

      Hello Sara, yes get a lawyer. The accusations against my son January 6th 2014. The police called my house January 7th and asked that I bring my son in for a “Interview” the next day. When we got to the police station my son and I were brought into 1 room while my boyfriend, ( who is the so called victims father ) was taken to a separate room. My son was arrested within 30 seconds of walking into the room. If you are asked to go to the police station say nothing. Make no statement at all. Don’t even say “I didn’t do anything”. They will ask you if you would like to speak to”Duty Council”, I don’t know where you live, but I’m in Ontario, Canada. Just say Yes and they will keep you in a cell until your bail hearing. The prosecutors have to prove all allogations but please believe me you are guilty until you prove your innocence. The trial is a popularity contest, who the judge or jury likes more. I’m so sorry you are going through this but you are not alone, and anyone who stays by your side through this is truly your friend or family and they are all that matters. Hugs to you, xo

  9. Kristie says:

    My 15 year old son has been accused of invitation to touching of a minor, touching of a minor and sex with a minor. My boyfriends son is 6 years old and loved my son, but my son never wanted anything to do with him. My son does not have friends his age they are 18 years of age and up. My stepson ( the 6 year old) always slept with his father on the couch every time he was here. My son wouldn’t go to the 6 year olds sports games or graduations, nothing to do with him. They are compleat opposites in personality and likes. My son practly lived at his friends house when it was time for us to pick up the 6 year old. As of January 7th/ 2014 abuse was reported, January 8th/ 2014 my son was arrested and jan 9/14 I bailed my son out of jail. We have a lawyer and have had 5 court meetings since. My sons grades dropped from 70-80 to 23% while this 6 year old has made the hockey minor leagues and joined lacrosse. He reads at a grade 2 level as is doing great. He always had. He never complained about anything he never argued to not be here, instead he cried when he had to leave. Trial date is set for Dec 3 / 2014. My son is turning 16 tomorrow. I’m pretty sure all of these accusations are from the 6 year olds mother. She has always tried to stop me form being around her son. It’s true what you said about having to prove yourself innocent. Who can I talk too, to help me through this. My son is on house arrest and has full faith in his lawyer and the judge to see through these lies. I just need someone to talk too. Thank you

    • Kristie says:

      UPDATE: My son was found quilty October 30,2014. We had a 2 day trial. The crown had 2 witnesses who were the now 7 year old and his mother. No medical records were produced, as the mother never took him to a doctor. The 7 year old now reads at a grade 5 level and has been playing for a minor hockey league, who cut another child for the team to have the 7 year old play for them. During the trial the 7 year old changed his story, but continued on with his allegations. He never had to face my son, me or his father, as the 7 year old was in a different room and was testifying via speaker and video screen. The 7 year olds sister, who is 22, father, myself and my son testified on my sons , the accused, behalf. In the crowns closing remarks she suggested to the judge that he dismiss mine and my sons testimony because she stated that I was only saying things to protect my son and to only believe half of the 7 year olds fathers testimony. Our story’s were the same, but times and dates were off a bit, so we were accused of sitting at the breakfast table to get our stories straight, which is redickulous. The 7 year olds father would not have testified for a second if he thought that these accusations were remotely true. So the judge did exactly that. He dismissed all testimony except for the 7 year old and his mothers. That was the only way my son could have been found guilty because we had visual evidence through pictures, text messages and witnesses. My son, who is now 16 years old has a sentencing hearing January 12. He will be removed from my custody that day and could face 18 months wherever they decide to put him. So now I am left to deal with the knowledge that in 2 months my only child will be gone, while my boyfriend, who loves his son more then life and is the 7 year old, goes off to see his child who ruined our lives. How does a person deal with this……. Any suggestions?……. Anyone?…….

      • silverballwiz says:

        I am sorry for what you are going through. I know it is hard dealing with this. Also having to register as a sex offender is something too. One of my accusers confessed and my lawyers and the prosecution hid it from the court. It was all on tape. Please visit my website and my mission in life is to help people deal with the wrongfully convicted. My accusers lives go on as normal, and mine stops. Can not find work, had to register for ten years. Name searchable on the internet. It is scary that a perosn could go to prison solely what a child says. My website is http://www.falseconvictions.com. I hope I can help people deal with this. It is very hard and cost my family over 135,000 to defend against a lie. 25 years later, still going through it.

      • bubbabru says:

        Questions…..Why does the press ignore these stories? Is it strictly for fear of appearing “pro” child abuse?
        And why in the holy hell do so many Catholic priest seem to never have to spend a moment with the legal system.
        To me, it would only make sense that a person who molest children would become a Priest. I don’t mean that as a joke or being sarcastic.

  10. Steve says:

    You have quite a story. Believe me, false convictions happen. If you want to see a really crazy case, go to http://www.falseconvictions.com. I am going to fight for my innocence until I am cleared. The child that supposedly accused to me apologized to me saying he was sorry and his own mother made him lie. Check out my site for a crazy story. It is true.

  11. bella says:

    Thank you for your site, it is a comfort to know there are many others out there who have gone through or are going through similar experiences of being falsely accused. I am in the UK so our legal system is different but the preconceived attitudes to believe the child or adult in cases of historic child sexual abuse is the same. I think a lot of people find it hard to believe that there are individuals out there so full of hate and revenge they are prepared to go to the lengths of reporting to police with false stories.

    My family’s world fell apart two months ago when my eldest daughter accused my husband of historic abuse, I know it is malicious and wholly false as she also claimed to have disclosed to me in 2007 which never happened. I think I may have remembered a conversation like that !

    To every one going through similar stay strong, don’t give up, truth always wins in the end. I’m just scared how long this battle will take.

  12. George says:

    Interesting site .. and this will make me come out of the closet and speak out. In 1985, while serving in the Navy out of Norfolk, I was accused of aggravated sexual battery – the initial charge was that I was “rubbing my biological daughter’s breast (fully clothed) while rubbing the area around my penis (also fully clothed).” Later, I found the charge was changed to “rubbing the vaginal area of my biological daughter (fully clothed) with the back nape of my neck. Because of my stupidity, I made all the wrong moves. Though I initially pleaded not guilty, I obtained the absolutely wrong counsel and took a “plea bargain” upon his recommendation – I pleaded to continue the case for five years, initially being placed on supervised probation (one year later – it was change to unsupervised probation for four years) with no contact with any children (this was before the “national database”). And, in 1990, I returned to Norfolk to ensure (actually demanded) that charges were dismissed (and they were). Does this destroy families – yes. Do long term psychological effects exist – yes. Is there a long road for rebuilding your life – yes. Is there psychological assistance for those who are falsely accused – absolutely no. Obviously, I divorced my then wife (I remarried seven years later) and for 18 years I had no contact with my biological daughter (she was eight at the time of the arrest) – I have physically seen my biological daughter twice since 2002 (I have met my grandson only once – don’t know much about him). Though she has recanted, I find if very difficult to even consider a visit to this day, though she has repeated invited me (along with her husband) for various visits over the past 11 years. As for contact with children – an absolute no no (since 1985, I refuse to even touch a child and I refuse not to appear in a enclosed place (elevator, room) with a child unless another adult is present).
    For those out there in this situation, I recommend, early, finding a way to get a good attorney and fighting from day one to prove your innocence – you are guilty until proven innocent. And, once you find your innocence, accept the fact that your life will change. If this is part of a divorce strategy by a vindictive spouse, then play damage control – find a way to keep the child support payments as low as possible (learning from my first mistake, I hired a good attorney that manage to obtain a child support payment of $100.00/month) and, I recommend faithfully making payments via a third party. Also, for those in my situation whereas the accuser is a biological child, there is no shame with not maintaining contact – you must take the attitude that your family has change and develop the strength to place yourself first (I promise that your world will change – you will lose friends, your income will be effected, and, if needed, there is a good chance you will start over) and most of all – never lose faith in yourself.

    • Betty Murphy says:

      OMG! Thank You for being strong enough, brave enough to write this. I am a devasted mom, of 14 yr old daughter, whom wanted to live with her Dad, 2ND, accused me of physically beating her, choking her, on and on, I cooperated with Family Services, Law Enforenment 100% I agreeed to let her live with her father. I was then afraid to be alone with her, so advice of psychologist I met with my daughter, her father 6 months later for one hour. She and her father then turned around and accused me of sexual abusing her while in my care for the last 14 years. Again, I cooperated without attorney, I was cleared . I was terrified! I feel as if she died. My exhusband knew better, it was and is a wicth hunt. I have felt so gulity of not trying to maintain some kind of contact with her. ALL professionals, say they have never heard of this, and I must keep trying to reach out to her ? I didnt know you are guilty to proven innoncent. I am a Nurse and I can tell you, I will always be looked at differntly. I feel my daughter died and I don’t know who this person is.
      Even family Services felt that the her father, Parental alineation, retalation.
      Law Enforcement, Couselors, Family Services all even said they have never heard of a girl doing this with her mother. To true, you don’t have the right to face your accusers. She even told a Forensic Therapist all kind of evil things , that I was suppose to have done to her. I will never know what and they won’t ever release that information to any Attorney.
      I beleive in God, Thank You Jesus! He protected me. Its devasting and I love her and miss the little girl I though I had. I pray for her everyday. It has rocked my world and I will never understand it. Its scarey.

    • juju says:

      I can relate to this nightmare. I am a nurse, and my daughter accussed me, her mother of sexually abusing her. This happen only 6 months after she had gone to live with her father, after accusing me of physyical abuse. Its devasting, Yes, you are guilty until proven innonce, even then, people, professionals will never see or look at me the same. She was 13 yrs old. I totally cooperated with Dectives,CPS, They found nothing. Nonless, the damage is done. I couldn’t afford criminal denfense attorney, even with CPS, telling , I needed one. All I can say, is Jesus has been my counselor and prince of peace! My beautiful, daughter, that i still love always will, I feel as she has died. We have had no further contact and for my own protection, I couldn’t never be alone with her again. I blame her, and her father. Its rare I am told.
      Much prayer is needed. I understand law enforcement, CPS, must do their jobs. When its a weapon being used against you, by your own child, IT WONT PROSPER. ..Pray for our children and for God to give us the strength and knowlege to get through this. It makes me physically sick. God have mercy. I was very Blessed that the police Dept, CPS, Her pedicatican where nice to me. I was Drug tested, read my rights to by the police. Nightmare.

    • Mrs. E. Jones says:

      That is haunting. I had heard of a guy where i had worked years ago that was falsely accused. But his peers starting staying away. You know how it is .
      Well, he did hire a good attorney. Though what he went through he was devastated just like you were. He thought, “aren’t we innocent until PROVEN guilty?”
      NO.. not even in the United States.
      The girl recanted before the trial. So it is off his record. But look what it did to his family and his reputation. People were starring at him….He left the place where he had worked and moved, literally. (They were starting to doubt him, etc.,) He was a nervous wreck! But there are some people that just stick to their guns and say, “I did not do this.” and stand talk and are able to just let it go. He wasn’t one of those people.
      Poor man. He was a nice man. Maybe that was why he was targeted.
      Just remember, sometimes, like your relative did they recant.
      Yes i totally agree. Place your self first and never lose faith but be very firm!

      • David says:

        I was falsely accused 2 years ago of inappropriately touching my two step daughters. It was thrown out of court but the damage was already done. People that truly know me knew it was bullshit and that it was brought about by their biological father. Even the Councilors said the girls were coerced.
        My problem is, nobody was held accountable for me being arrested and spending over $20000 to stay out of prison for doing something I didn’t do! Something needs to be done about the law where you can be accused and you can do nothing about it. Can anybody help me with this?

      • Josh says:

        I got Full Custody of my boys. My ex-wife is in a Mental Hospital, lost custody of her other 3 kids to the state and her husband is in jail. SO……god took what she did and gave it back to her. She did it though. It was all a result of her choices. Very sad. But the boys are doing better than they ever have and facing life in prison and standing tall and not taking a plea deal was worth it in the end

  13. http://www.facebook.com/#!/voicefor.victims.77

    This really needs to be heard. AND STOPeD! With more people coming forward these stories need to be heard and laws need to be enforced to those willing to destroy innocent lives out of hatred!

  14. My husband just started his 4th year of incarceration on a 20 yr sentence after being falsely accused by a revenge seeking adopted daughter….. I cannot possibly tell the whole story here…but would love to help out however I can….

  15. jimmy lamb says:

    my cousin accused of sexual assault been prison for about 7 years i know he didnt do it he was at a friend house and the police pick up next day he didnt kno what goin on went to police station he told them he didnt do it they didnt believe him they just haller at him he was scared so just made sonethin up his name is thomas keith felton jr he in the wrightsville unit ark will u help me get lier protecter test prove he innocent

  16. Dave says:

    I’ll go on it too. I’m in the middle of a similar case involving “alleged” acts of improper touching, exposing myself, and other ridiculousness. This accusation came only 2 weeks after I filed with my attorney to get custody of my son. The accusation was by my 15 year old step-daughter who claimed this happened years ago. Up to then we were getting along just fine despite my divorcing her mother 18 months earlier. My attorney says this is common by mothers who want to “stack the deck” to ensure they win custody battles. That was last August 2012. I had not been charged and still haven’t been at this point. Last December, we had a hearing in which the judge was going to decide who gets my son. I showed up with my pastor, neighbors, and family all supporting me. I was going to put her ass on the stand and have my attorney grill her. Her attorney knew this was coming so they decided to make a deal rather than be embarrassed in front of the entire courtroom. The deal was that my ex-wife would turn over my son if I took a polygraph and psychosexual examination. I agreed as I had nothing to fear. Now, if a mother or parent truly believed the other was guilty of such crimes, they would do anything to prevent the other from getting the child right? Instead she made a deal? So i took a polygraph given by a former FBI agent of 23 years who specialized in polygraphy and sexual predators. Passed it just fine. I also took a psychosexual exam and passed that too. Then in January all of that was given to the judge and he immediately gave my son back to me. I still have him now. Here’s the bullshit part. Civilian authorities never investigated it other than child protective services because my ex-wife thought she would try and ruin my military career by sending the accusation straight to CID of the Army. They are still not done with it so my career is on hold until it is decided they have enough to go on or not. Don’t see how they do since I never did anything. I have children from 2 other marriages who were interviewed and all back me up. I’m a stellar dad. So, yeah I will agree to go on a show.

    • I have opened a FB page for people to share their stories on, if you are interested.


      I literally just opened it due to the overwelming replies I recv’d in my email. I encourage you to share your story, but leave all contact info off the public page. All details should be emailed to me here, or in a private message on FB.

      I hope to see you there, and God bless

    • Lugene Pollock says:

      It’s been a year since you wrote this. Hope all went well but, my son was just convicted in a military court with absolutely no evidence but the girls word so I’m betting they did the same to you unless the report from the outside helped.

  17. Kriss Wolf says:

    Hi all my name is Wolf. Today, June 26, 2013 I received 56 emails from this sight. This is the first I have had from this sight since my original posting.

    I will Do all I can to help anyone in this matter, please email or call 406-570-5202

    I have currently (April 1, 2013) field suit against the false accuser, the law agents and their whole department and the state of Montana. I will in the next two days file a Motion for Default Judgement as they did not answer my complaint, but filed a motion to dismiss. That is not the way it works in Montana and I will push for several things. I made the news papers but would be willing to go on nay TV show that wants to put this out there. Someone said DR. Phil. You want me there with proof and ready to expose this whole thing, find me a way to get on the show.


    • April says:

      I was the one who stated dr Phil and I believe that if I can find enough people like us and contact the show again, they will put us on it. Epolstyle@yahoo.com is my email. Reading through your replies you said papers and suits. How do you pursue those avenues? We have tried and have had no luck.

    • mlubas2 says:

      I’ve written to Dr. Phil numerous times to no avail but recently Katie Couric has been having those that have been exonerated on her show so I have been trying to get her attention.

      • Kriss Wolf says:

        please let me know, give her my number and tell her to call me that I have a will and a way to fight this.


  18. Christine says:

    My fiancee is going thru this exact same thing right now. His sister accused him of touching her 5 yr old daughter. I’ve known this man for 27 yrs, we’ve been together for damn near 15 yrs and have 3 children of our own, and i have a now 16 yr old daughter from an earlier relationship, which he raised and has never touched outside of changing a diaper when she was 2. I know this man better then anyone and i know for certain he did not touch his niece. His sister is a drug addict& alcoholic. She blames him fire their mothers death back in February of 2012. She died from pancreatic disease. Everything was fine between the two of them until mom passed, then all hell broke loose. she has told detectives one story while telling me an entirely different version if events. We were separated at the time if this alleged touching but i even overheard her threaten him with this a week before she accused. C’mon, really? She filed a police report, didn’t take the child to be examined, and she didn’t seek help from the child advocacy center until 4 days after the police report was taken. They never even examined the child. She claims they told her not to have the child examined because it would further traumatize her. Are u kidding me? The little girl supposedly knew that touching was bad but y didn’t she say anything to mom until the next morning? What? Again 3 different stories here. Then we find out that on the that was conducted by the advocacy center, that my fiancee was also touching her older brother that was like 12 and when asked how she knew that, the girl replied, “cause my mommy told me”. Are u serious? If this isn’t a fabrication, i don’t know what is. His sister was angry with him because she wanted money for drugs and he refused to give it to her. A week later he is a child molester. I told him to leave that house before she did something, he didn’t listen and now him, myself and our children are paying for it. He is currently in pretrial detention with a court date coming up. His junky sister has ruined all of our lives. I strongly believe if there is no actual evidence, physical evidence, the case needs to be dropped. I know there are alot of sick people in this world, and they should be behind bars, but u can’t put sometime in jail for hearsay. It’s B.S. and something needs to be done. How do i tell my 6yr old son that his daddy may never come home?

    • mlubas2 says:

      Our son was convicted and we had absolute proof of innocence. The DNA didn’t match him!!! There were five eyewitnesses and other proof as well. After a four day trial, he was found guilty on “hearsay”. They found absolutely nothing at all on exam hours after the allegation. Well, that wasn’t good enough so 3 days later they took her to a different hospital and then they say there was redness and swelling. 3 days later!!!!! The stories changed many times, many inconsistencies but none of that mattered. After a four day trial, it took the jury only 10 minutes to convict. Our son was given a plea agreement of 18-24 months which he refused because he is innocent and now is serving a 8-16 year sentence. We are in our 5th year.

  19. Chantelle says:

    Im going threw this right now can you please email me or send a number I could phone thanks chantellegatt@hotmail.com

  20. JayNine says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this site. Keep posting updating and sharing please!AND, just so you are aware: I googled ‘wrongfully accused of child abuse Ontario Canada’ and yours was the last on FIRST PAGE!

  21. Lynn says:

    I’m just amazed at how many stories like this are out there. I thought my family was the only family going through a FALSE accusation that changes the entire family in a split second.! My family was burnt by an attorney that didn’t raise one objection in a 5 day trial of nothing but lies from a jealous sibling.

    • BCA says:

      Oh god, Lynn. I am so sad to see your post. I am currently going through this nightmare. My boyfriend’s ex wife who is mentally ill, (seriously, she is a high conflict personality, has been diagnosed with severe personality disorder and twice done time for child endangerment after arranging it so that my boyfriend can’t even talk to his kids or send them a card) has been coercing their daughter who is now 11 in to lying on teh stand about her dad, accusing him of molesting her when she was three years old. This is taking place in a county outside Philadelphia. I and his family were so concerned about getting him a good attorney until we were told by the public defender who represented him at his pre-hearing (and, after witnessing the testimony of the child as well as that of her horrible mother) has great confidence in his chances of prevailing at trial, that he will be guaranteed the best, most seasoned Public Defender they have due to the severity of the charges. She cautioned us about private attorneys who will definitely pad the bill but may not offer as passionate a defense. I try to maintain a just outcome to all of this but it is exhausting fighting the fear of what COULD happen in the end. He is absolutely innocent. She LIVES to destroy him. And the fact that she is willing to put her daughter through this for her own sick motives when nothing happened, speaks to how heartless, souless and evil she is. She is a sociopath and when this is over, god willing when we prevail, I am writing a book AND making it my mission in life to have her declared an unfit mother! anyone and everyone unfortunate enough to have gone through this or currently going through it needs to read the book Jeopardy in the Court Room. Real eye opener about how and why the testimony of children is so unreliable.

      • This story is very relatable to ours. I am also writing a book on this situation. In 2009, on my husbands birthday, we were on our way to see his 9 years old daughter, and we told by the school counselor that he was accused of molesting his ex’s oldest daughter(whom we hadn’t seen in 3 years). THE ACCUSATION WAS MADE THAT DAY. Now the history behind this accusation was simple. My husband and I were in the process of relocating to Arizona from Pennsylvania, and his ex had convinced her oldest daughter that we were going to take his daughter away and she would never se her again. This occured after 5 years of custofy hell from this mentally unstable woman. We went thru battle after battle regarding the pettiness she has displayed. Anyway, after 2 years, 5 changed stories down the line, having to hire a public defender 2 weeks before trial because the attorney we had(that we lost everything to get) demanded MORE money, we didnt have, we FINALLYwent to trial. The trial was sched for 3 days and ended on the second day. INNOCENT. It was discovered in court that everyone from the DA-CYS, were given different accounts, dates and information about the incidents. The girls would have been better off to stand up and say, “MOM MAY ME DO IT”, because that is exactly what the portrayed. They committed purgery several times, and the jury saw that.
        The issue we are facing now, is it has been 5 years total since the accusations were made, and we are still fighting with CYS to remove his name from CHILDLINE because we can not file for custody of any sort without it. Neither of us have seen or heard from our child in 5 years. He is faithfully paying CS for her, but until this is over, we cant even approach her. HOW IS THIS JUSTICE? We cant even pursue legal action towards her mother for this? HOW again, is this justice?

      • freemyron says:

        Hi What is faith. this is actually BCA replying. I don’t know why but I somehow had to create a new profile, so freemyron is me too. LOL. Thank you so much for your reply. I understand what you are now going through with C&Y. My boyfriend has been going through it for years. He even tried to get a PFA against her at one point to protect himself from her harassments but his request was summarily denied. I believe he had finally given up any hope of ever having a relationship with his younger children again saying “I just don’t have any fight left in me. I just want to live in peace.” Your response to my post gives me SOME hope re a possibly favorable outcome for us. This is happening to us in Pennsylvania. It is insane to me how easy it is to go in and first of all get a “protection from abuse order” against someone without their knowledge that it is even being done! She had that put in place before blackmailing him with threats of never seeing his children again. He complied with some of her demands because he loved his kids more than anything and his worst nightmare was being kept from being a part of their lives. But she just used it all against him in the end which was obviously her plan all along. She is not even a citizen of this country, was deported before their marriage at least once for overstaying her visa and wouldn’t be allowed to stay here now, if it weren’t for the kids. Before the kids, when it home to her that he was finally done and getting out of this destructive relationship, she stalked him. When calling him didn’t work, she called his sister 20 hours a day. When that didn’t work, she turned up pregnant knowing that he would “do the right thing”. Who knows if the child is even really his. (I’d like him to order a paternity test, to protect himself legally if nothing else. It won’t change the fact that whether she is his biological daughter or not, he will always love her and she will always be his daughter.) LIke others on this blog, his ex’s own family wants nothing to do with her either. What further astounds me is that states take the word of these CLEARLY disturbed and depraved individuals, despite their own SUBSTANTIAL records of abuse and neglect, without a shred of PHYSICAL evidence! ON hearsay alone, these charges were brought yet, I am betting were we to try to use “hearsay” in his defense, it will be disallowed. This woman is a textbook case of the personality types that are abusing the legal system and creating this epidemic that tears apart and destroys ENTIRE FAMILIES; as well as taking away from the validity of those who ARE actually abused. There are NO WINNERS in these scenarios. His parents and my own are in their 80s and they are being put through what no one should have to endure at this stage in life. There really needs to be action taken to draw attention to this very serious issue (today’s witch hunt) to put harsh penalties in to place for people like her who lie and tamper with evidence to fulfill the needs of their personality disorders. Perhaps worst of all, if this was all said and done TOMORROW, I cannot ever see my boyfriend ever fully trusting his own child in the future. There will ALWAYS be that seed of doubt — “is your mother putting you up to something?” The destruction of that father/child relationship, forever marred, is the TRUE tragedy. I have spoken to many people who have been through this – most of the accused find it impossible to maintain any kind of relationship with the child afterward – the betrayal runs too deep, (whether the child was brainwashed or knowingly lied on the stand – and who is to know for sure which it is really) the scars never go away and the trust is never there again. They may still love the child, but they will never be able to trust the child again and so the damage is irreparable. Furthermore, I will never feel safe in teh presence of either one of their children as their mother has a history of threatening other people with these types of accusations, so she has effectively turned her children into pariah. I would really like to work to bring awareness to this travesty in our legal system.

      • I will be compiling a list of people to submit to the show and other media outlets so that some light can be shone on these stories. If you are interested in potentially being on the show, please email me your name, state and phone number. I will send an email when the submition takes place. Epolstyle@yahoo.com

    • Lynn: Unfortunately stories like these are becoming more common. My family has been living this nightmare for over a year now. I have been advocating for my fiance from Wyoming as he was taken back to Texas. He is accused of sexual abuse. He has been accused by his ex step children. He has not been to court, the last “announcement” was June 3 and the stupid lawyer (we have paid them 15,000.00 and they have spoken with my fiance twice in the last year!!!) finally told the prosecuting attorneys in no uncertain terms “F***k you” and called the court and told them to set a trial date!! In Texas there is no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty” they make their own rules. There is no “right to a speedy trial” or being appointed a public defender if one cannot afford an attorney. Hell the one public defender he does have, has never once spoken with him and told me he needs to take the next plea bargain they throw on the table. WTF!! He has never even met my fiance, let alone spoken with him. My fiance has never received any indictment papers, court settings, warrants, etc…

      We are fighting a battle that we don’t even know exactly what it is. The one thing I do know is I have more evidence of his innocence than they do of his guilt. All of the allegations stem from over 6 years and most have been proven false by doctors.

      We have been betrayed by those we trusted the most. I have been harassed, had to call the sheriffs office a few times. I live in fear for myself and my children, and my fiance will never shed the stigma of this nightmare. The toll this nightmare is taking on us financially, physically, and emotionally will take forever to heal from!

      I have no faith in the justice system. I graduated in May 2012 with my associates in criminal justice and was never going to use it for anything. I say was as just recently, still not sure how it happened, I had the opportunity to interview with a small law firm. Was hired on the spot. So here I am a legal assistant and the more I learn the more I see how screwed up the whole justice system is! I will say I do love my job and I hope what I learn will in some way help my fiance and get him home, but for now that’s all I have is hope.

  22. Steven says:

    Glad I found a site like this currently accused and son brained washed by ex wife this is horrible as I’ve raised him and had full custody the ex moved in jealous I’d spend all my time with them, not only has cps taken my best friend but I’ve had no contact and i call day to day asking about my son with no responses with an upcoming and very encouraged lie detector test which I actually insisted the day my ex went out of control.
    I amend and demand the accuser be required to take the lie detector test before any thing this is an evil world it doesnt take but 90% iq to figure out who lying. My best friend is in foster care and I can’t even save him. Laws need to be changed where lairs are held fully responsible and charged accordingly in the eyes of the people justice must be served . I believe in justice. And after these 100s of years man isn’t s smart enough to being law and order to the innocents. As I see it I am not protected by law under any order by congress and or by law makers. Corporate America is vastly growing in the prison industry innocent or guilty u are puppet a server slave of the government.
    To the OP very sorry about what happen I see the last post was in 201o however for what its worth i hope ur child is back in safe hands with u, like me my kids are safer with me then any foster care or staged money making corporations/organization. I’d die for my kids or protect them at will as a loving poor father I’ve spent my last dollar/penny’s just to see them smile now I have nothing.

  23. SPeterson says:

    In July of 2011, I was accused of molesting my 14-year-old step-daughter (named “A”). The initial decision to accuse came from my wife’s oldest daughter (30), convincing “A” that if “we do this, we can have our mom all to ourselves again.”

    My personal experience ended up better than most, but only because I called the authorities. That’s right: I MADE THE INITIAL CALL. Turns out that the day I allegedly molested my step-daughter was a day that my wife, step-daughter and I spent the morning together fishing and helping a friend move in the afternoon. At no time was I ever alone with step-daughter and never out her mother’s sight. I allegedly molested her not once, not twice, but three times in a single day! On the day the authorites came after I called them, I had time to think while they were interviewing the “victim”. When it came to my turn, I told the Deputies that I believed the older sister was behind this and it was probably because I demanded she repay money I loaned her. I gave them the exact timeline of the alledged day and even used receipts to back up my times.

    Sadly, the trust that I had for my wife (married 2004) and step-daughter “A” (together since she was 4) was severely damaged. In the two weeks I was forced to be homeless, not once did my wife call to say she was wrong; in fact, the only people I spoke to about these lies were the investigators. I went back to get some things after a week, only to be met by a Deputy who stayed the whole time. My wife’s comments were not lovong at that time either, but I kept my mouth shut. As it turns out, my wife was also convinced, by her oldest daughter, that I was guilty. I should point out that the oldest daughter is a habitual liar with Daddy-, drug- and alcohol-issues. It should go without saying, but I’m going to anyway, that I wouldn’t walk across the street to pee on the oldest daughter if she were on fire. Yes, I do have a lot of anger, because the guilty parties haven’t paid the prices I did or had consequences for what they lied about. And probably will never be punished like the rest of us have been. My life was a throw-away to some and I think that’s what hurts the most.

    Only after the Sherriff’s investigation uncovered the lies that “A” and her sister couldn’t keep straight and the official findings made public, did I go back “home.” I vowed that I would do everything I could to put my marriage and home life back together. But it has come with a price. “A” and I now have a mentoring kind of a relationship, but I do not comment on her looks nor do I touch her in any way or say “I love you” anymore.

    The relationship with my wife is difficult at best. She thinks I should just get over it and move on. I want to know how she can say “I love you” to me and not feel guilty that she believed the lying liar to the point where she had papers for a restraining order drawn up against me.

    I know that I should move on with my life, but I also know that moving on would be by myself. And at 50+, it’s scary. I do care about my wife and step-daughter, but I don’t love them like I should or like I used to.

    Thatnks for allowing me to share. Email me if you need an ear to listen. I wish I had someone to talk to when I was proving myself innocent after being convicted as guilty.

  24. bonnie says:

    Well my son has been falsely accused also in feb 2013 by his step sister, who has been raped when she was 4 by her cusin when she lived with her real mother n my husband didn’t have cusidoy of her yet he only had her brother, but my son is from my 1st husband n these 2 kids are my 2nd husbands kids which the girl made all happen when she was 17, n now she just turned 18 this year, but she to also lied cause her real mother was the cause of her trying to OD herself on depression meds at 1st then she goes in hospital to ICU, n the real mother tells my hubbys daughter that your dad doesn’t love you so thats why he don’t come n see you, n the real mother also tells the brother dads son that their dad is a a–hole, so long story short the girl has 5 storys why she tryed to OD herself n 1 of them was my son sexually raped her n at first it was in 2001, then she changed her story n said it was 2003 n 2006 then she changed it again n said it was 2003 to 2006 .Well I want to start a support group for people like you n my son to help all you with this n I think if we get enough votes n complains from you that are falsely accused n the help of your family n friends we can take this to the government or state or lansing were ever it needs to go n fight for everybodys rights….I believe all these girls that lie n if they are living with a family member that is brainwashing them n paying them to lie needs to be procuted also n that goes for girls under 18 even cause some as young as 12 will dress older n wear makeup n get on these computors n no one knows their real age n bam your in trouble they need stronger laws on the computors, or parents shouldn’t have an computor with kids in the house n but I will pray for all you people to god bless all of you I know what you are all going thur i’am their with you to, Have a yard sale to raise money see if you can do bake sales at your local churchs, car washes , mow grasses, find some side jobs and some lawlers will take payments if they take a down payment fine stuff to sale n make payments get some friends together to try n help you ,

  25. bobo says:

    This is a hell, a hell that cannot be measured. I have been stalked by a woman who had spread rumors that i had sexually assaulted her. It spread through my place of work and on to the general public by rumor and social media. I still do not know who this woman is or why this has happened to me but i’m at the point that suicide is the only thing that can rid me of the pain that i am feeling. I have been abused in the street and my contract at work was not renewed. I have gone to the police who said the issues are a civil matter and to get some legal advise.

    I am on my own and now to scared to leave my appartment. I just dont know how to deal with this.

  26. Ashley says:

    Hi everyone I will never forget the help the ophantemple render to me in my marital life.
    i have been married for 5 years now and my husband and I love each other very dearly .
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    my husband just came home one day he pick up his things and left me and the kids to his mistress outside at this time i was confuse not knowing what to do again because i have lost my husband and my marriage too. i was just checking my mails in the office when I saw someone sharing her testimony on how the orphan temple help her out with her marital problems so I contacted the email of orphan temple
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  27. Elizabeth says:

    When my son was13 he was bullied into a situation that he did not know how to get out of. He was threatened by his friend to put the friends 9 yr old brothers penis in his mouth. He suffers from learning disabilities and did not have the proper skills to problem solve. He felt pressured to do it! Because of the age difference my son was convicted of a sex offense and has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. This seems like such a harsh punishment! He was a child too. Now my son is 17 years old! He has been Doing well but now that he is trying to establish relationships and a future this label is holding him back! He was planning on going on a mission trip with his youth group but is unable to go because of this! As a mother my heart breaks for him!! I know my story is a little different because my son is guilty but I still feel like it isn’t fair because he was a child and he was bullied but the courts don’t care! Something needs to be done to change this laws! If anyone has insight to my situation I greatly appreciate it! I am happy to have found a supportive website!!!

  28. charlotte says:

    Hi i had a friend whos daughter i took.under my wing and one night my friend let her daughter drink as so was i and i was in tge living room with my partner and my mates daughter i fell asleep my partner went for a fag and she woke me up saying he had fingered her i rang the police and the poluce baggered him and he kept to his innocent this girl said she had scratches on her tho our lawyer has no evidence of that and no evidence this had acured she is now taunting me my life has been turned up side down social services are involved our solicitor says its her word against his this girl has followed me round town the family laugh and wave at my partner this girl.is a complusive lier and i just feel for.men.abd there partners after a false accusation just to get attention but myself i dont no.what to believe or what to do

  29. daynafor3@hotmail.com says:

    A friend of mine has also just gone thru this. He got lucky with social services believing him and of course the police are still investigating him. The female officer had told him that she had done a lot of these types of cases and couldn’t possibly believe that someone would pull something like what he said his ex was doing (guilty 1st of course until proven innocent) she had said something was going on for sure although not sure of what it could be, so after her interview of him and his mother trying to twist words around he was let go. When social services informed him and the ex they would not be pursuing anything he tried for just over 2 weeks to get a hold of her to ask about her investigation without a reply. You see he had given the police officer 2 phone numbers as she had done this to 2 other men, her ex bf and her own father so this was just a continuing trend. He wants to know if there is anything he can do to her legally, he has no money for a lawyer now that his bank acct has been drained from previous lawyers and child support. If anyone has any ideas that would be great. I mean it infuriates me because she came up with this bs story he could have had his entire life ruined and just imagine what would have happened to him in jail had any inmates found out what he was in there for. Social services said nothing can be done to her, that is a great injustice. Women cant be allowed to continue to take advantage of courts like this without some kind of retribution for false accusations, and yes I may take flak for saying its women but this guy has called the police and social services many times about some terrible things that this mother is doing and their answer is always the same ” there’s nothing we can do”.

  30. Ryan says:

    I didn’t think anyone else was out there- 4 accusations of sexual abuse on me starting the day she was served divorce papers. Dirty divorce tactics- I went to trial and she lost, no repercussions, nothing, so she did it again. I don’t care if you know who I am. Ryan M of WI. I still enjoy a 50/50 placement with my little ones. She pulled the same crap again, always a retaliation for a slight- now I have retained a lawyer for personal lawsuit against her- (abuse of process). I would like to know more and would keep you updated. I don’t know if I can help, help others in same situation, support people, or just talk to people who have been through the most terrifying thing there ever is to deal with life. I would rather be accused of murder than that. Even though all was dismissed, the air lingers with eyes from neighbors, co-workers, and all.

  31. Bryan says:

    Hi wolf and others falsly accused.i to had a very uniqu and dramatic expireence totally different to many of above yet similier to the content of abuse.my nieviety employment and facts showed andunusual twist to the witch hunt.the outcome will leave you bewildered.anyone feel free to contact me at email. Getawaytours@nycap.rr.com. Bryan

  32. atenderlady says:

    My fiancee and I are going through the same thing. He was accused by one of my family members. The cheapest lawyer we found that would help us was $10,000 to start with.We don’t have a lot of money so I’m looking for all the help that we can get. Because we are going through this case now I’m not saying a lot about it. If you have any suggestions,commets,websites, that you can tell us about we would greatly appreciate it.

  33. I’M FACING LIFE IN PRISON over completely false accusations in the CENTER OF MY CUSTODY CASE OVER MY 6 YEAR OLD Son. This false accusation epidemic must be STOPPED. Should I go in the Dr. Phill Show ???

    • My husband and I were offered a segment on the DR PHIL show but not enough people could be found that were going thru the same thing we were. So I say hell ya!

      • Dave says:

        I’ll go on it too. I’m in the middle of a similar case involving “alleged” acts of improper touching, exposing myself, and other ridiculousness. This accusation came only 2 weeks after I filed with my attorney to get custody of my son. The accusation was by my 15 year old step-daughter who claimed this happened years ago. Up to then we were getting along just fine despite my divorcing her mother 18 months earlier. My attorney says this is common by mothers who want to “stack the deck” to ensure they win custody battles. That was last August 2012. I had not been charged and still haven’t been at this point. Last December, we had a hearing in which the judge was going to decide who gets my son. I showed up with my pastor, neighbors, and family all supporting me. I was going to put her ass on the stand and have my attorney grill her. Her attorney knew this was coming so they decided to make a deal rather than be embarrassed in front of the entire courtroom. The deal was that my ex-wife would turn over my son if I took a polygraph and psychosexual examination. I agreed as I had nothing to fear. Now, if a mother or parent truly believed the other was guilty of such crimes, they would do anything to prevent the other from getting the child right? Instead she made a deal? So i took a polygraph given by a former FBI agent of 23 years who specialized in polygraphy and sexual predators. Passed it just fine. I also took a psychosexual exam and passed that too. Then in January all of that was given to the judge and he immediately gave my son back to me. I still have him now. Here’s the bullshit part. Civilian authorities never investigated it other than child protective services because my ex-wife thought she would try and ruin my military career by sending the accusation straight to CID of the Army. They are still not done with it so my career is on hold until it is decided they have enough to go on or not. Don’t see how they do since I never did anything. I have children from 2 other marriages who were interviewed and all back me up. I’m a stellar dad. So, yeah I will agree to go on a show.

      • I am compiling a spreadsheet of names and numbers of people I retested in speaking out. I am getting as many as possible so if I you are interested in being considered for the dr Phil show email me at epolstyle@ yahoo.com first las name, phone number and state you reside in. One list is completed I will send an email to you with what I send on to the show!

        Sent from my iPhone

      • My husband is on his 3rd year of a 20 yr sentence for what I know were false allegations made by our revenge seeking adopted daughter…. horrible lies… horrible justice system… blah blah blah…. I would be interested in helping~

      • I will be compiling a list of people to submit to the show and other media outlets so that some light can be shone on these stories. If you are interested in potentially being on the show, please email me your name, state and phone number. I will send an email when the submition takes place.

  34. Tammi Tatum says:

    . These stories make me cry. I understand these stories. I have 8 kids, 7 by my first relationship/marriage when i was 16 (until i was 28) he was 22. (but that was okay, he was older…) He abused me from the beginning, in every way, because he knew i had nowhere to go. During my divorce, 12 years later my son was falsely accused at 15. Not 100% percent sure if my ex set it up, but i do know his girlfriend was interviewed. The alledged victims (my neices) told me they did not say my son had done anything. They even came to court but were kicked out by the judge. Was so confusing. I contacted a news reporter who seemed to be the most helpful to us, but the court officials, using every illegal way possible, through lots of scare tactics, convicted my son. He has never been the same. They placed my son in a group home 2 hours away, until he was 18. The ex never once visited him or called. Until he got out, the ex and his wife wanted him to come stay with them. I was against it, but my son believed his dad wanted to have a real faher son relationship with him… In 2009, His wife and her daughter accused my son, (same son) of sexual assault. For the past three years we have been going to court. They have no evidence, again, and the story has changed a hundred times. God helped me raise money to bail him out six months later. When he got home he shook for three days and said nothing. All i could do was pray and cry. I still do, and so does he. 2 weeks ago, Jan 2013, the step daughter relayed a message about being “sorry for saying those things” she “doesn’t know why she even did it”, and “as far as she is concerned she has “dropped” it.” But the female DA is obsessed and not knowing we know this, is insisting on pushing the case. Trial is set for monday march 4, 2013 in modesto,ca. My son is scared to death. I am depending on God to defend him, because without money no one else, not even lawyers who act like they care, have the heart to defend him. Pray for us. Charges should be dismissed. My son is again shaking…

    There is more to this story. The ex and his wife have been nothing but a nightmare for us. (But this is undoubtedly the worst thing they have done) 6 kids do not like their dad, but our youngest daughter is given many gifts all the time… It is very hard for all of us. He is a batterer is still battering us. The courts could care less.

  35. Ashley Kao says:

    Hi there, I have suffered through the exact same thing and experienced the horror it can cause. I was falsely accused of rape by a girl i met at a party who i had sex with, i was drunk and so was she, but i 10 minutes before we had sex was sick outside and i was instantly aware of what was going off, we had sex and one of my friends came into the bathroom and found us having sex, luckily my friend video recorded it as a laugh like friends do when your all drunk and when she gave her statement to the police, it was absolutely nothing compared to what was on video tape, and my friend also was evidence to this, luckily she didn’t get what she wanted and they finally released me because of her false allegation. I was lucky but still i am now on police record which in my case is horrifying and life changing because it’s not fair that i should be on record for something i didn’t do. I also was falsely accused of child abuse because i met a girl who was underage, but i didn’t know she was underage at the time i met her and looked a lot older, according to what she told me was that she was 17 years of age, i didn’t have any sexual contact with her, the only thing i did was send her a picture, and when we lost contact and myself still not knowing she was underage, i finally was contacted by a detective and interviewed because she made allegations that i knew she was underage when in actual fact i didn’t, she lied to me, luckily again one of my friends was with me when i met her as he drives, and was witness to her saying in her own words that she was 17 when i met her, i am currently waiting for the decision that the police will make, the detective said it will most likely be dismissed and in her statement she lied about some things, which was that i supposedly met her on my own in my car, which i do not drive and do not own a car, or have a license, the police checked this, she also said that she met me in a town before through a friend, which was also a lie, the town she said she met me in was no where near my home town and the friend she supposedly met me through didn’t know anything about this and didn’t know me at all. I am on police record now for these two false allegations, which has ruined my life knowing i am on record for something that two girls did to ruin my life, with a motive to ruin my life, with absolutely no reason why, there are no words to how sickening it is what i have been through.

  36. TP says:

    My husband is a middle school teacher for an alternative school. He’s been teaching for 19 years and has never received a complaint or been dismissed over anything. Today we received a call (after hours) from his principle stating “There’s been a sexual harassment claim filed against you and starting tomorrow until the investigation is complete, you are suspended with pay”. Of course there were no details about whether a student or teacher filed it, nor how long the investigation would take. My husband is a wonderful Christian man and he understands what this could mean for his career and our family. He has denied the accusation and is at a loss for words, food, sleep, and consolidation. He has Addison’s disease (his adrenal glands doesn’t produce the stress regulating hormone Cortisol), and a stressful event like this can cause him to down-spiral into an Addisonian Crisis, which is fatal. This process has just begun and I would appreciate any advice on how to handle the situation.

  37. Andora Grager says:

    I am so glad I found this website!!!!! About 4 years ago my husband was falsely accused of sexual abuse. We fought till we ran out of money and he decided to take a deal his attorney advised him to take. He agreed to 2 misdemeanors but the court documents show a felony also. I have been fighting this for all these years, we have lost everything, he couldn’t get a job(he was fired when this happened) and we are about to lose our home, and all I hear is the courts and their employees have judicial immunity and I can do nothing. I cannot get any financial help anywhere. 3 weeks ago his probation officer and 3 guys came in my home over hearsay and put him in jail. Another false accusation. I have another attorney and he wants to clear this up and then review the original case. I hope it will clear this up. I am in Pennsylvania and our county court system is so corrupt and NO ONE will look into it!!!! If you have any advise, I would love to hear it. I would like to make an organization to bring this to light and help others. Do you know how I could do this? God bless all of you because I KNOW YOUR PAIN!!!!!!! Maybe if I can get something going we can make the public understand, you do not know how evil this world is until you are thrown into this and WE ARE THE VICTIMS. Dori

  38. Jay says:

    I was falsely accused by my daughter. She had an issue against me for not allowing her to have more time with her boyfriend when she was sixteen, and against my issue that I had about her cousin’s behavior with her, and how she was treating it as if it was no big deal by continuing to text him. She gave a bazaar story to her counselor about this issue, which consequently initiated a referral to the CFS. As time and some process went by, my kids were warded to the state after I had chose not to comply with these ridiculous allegations; and, that is when she came clean with the truth and told them that she had not been honest with the counselor, social workers, and other family members; moreover, after she was caught lying about her foster parent to the social workers, as well. The due process to have the case dismissed took a month shy of a year at the second pretrial. I was never arrested; still, the anguish of alleged sexual abuse has cause such horrific anguish that I have left my X-family. I am now suffering this; all the while, moving forward towards living a happier life. I still, to this very day, have a hard time talking about this event which started December 2011 and was dismissed November 2012; so, yeah, it’s still pretty recent.

  39. Aimee says:

    I have a friend who’s boyfriend was accused of this horrifying charge , I so believe that there so many people being charged for this due to angry people over money and the custody of their children and this sadens me .. But what makes me more sad I’d that there are friends that walk away and judge and will dissolve a friendship before they learn the facts 🙂 I pray that you are blessed in your life and you help many of these falsely accused people and thank you so very much for standing first for yourself but also for the ones that are falsely accused. I do want those that have done this to others to serve their time and I hope it’s a very long time, however I know there will be alot of people who’s first thought is to judge until it happens to someone close to them or themselves then they will look for a website like yours .. Many prayers for you and your family and friends and that one day you will have total peace …

  40. shannon saracinaj says:

    Continue from.previous comment…typing on phone.
    He was jail not getting medical treatment. He has medical issue not being addressed suffered heart attacks…kidney failure…now blind in an eye. They treated him like a piece of trash. They refused medical treatment …his meds….when we got up bail they refused to give him his wallet with his money credit card even his clothes in his suit case. He’s forced to stay in Oregon they will not let him.come home and return for trials. He had to live in shelter where he became ill and was in hospital about 5-8 tines because of what jail did to him. The doj are lying and no judfe has the balls to rule against them. I can’t sit here and let my dad die. They wont alliw him to use the internet so he can’t build a case…he’s not allowed at library …he’s not allowed to talk to grandkids …he was with my daughter everyday him not being around or calling is destroying her. They are making him.live as if already convicted. My dad has so mych proof that he’s innocent. Please help I have an 18 pg letter from him who can I send it to? I need to get this story out there.

  41. shannon saracinaj says:

    My dad a good man …a social worker…worked for school.district his kids and grandkids are his life. Growing up in Foster homes he felt in his heart to hekp kids….he was contacted on his website by a “girl” gone thru Foster care finally finding adoptive parents in Oregon…in past year she has threatened suicide and would only speak.with my dad the father told him. The parents…goid people my dad said…invited him out for adoption. party….when he flew out he was arrested. The whole family was fake it was the doj playing some sick role playing game. He was in jail

  42. Jen says:

    My husband and I just got through with his arrest for felony evading and conviction of such by a jury even though the only evidence provided stated they were chasing a black motorcycle and never identified the rider. My husband was on my red bike and is an EMT/firefighter, so has no reason to run. Turns out lawyer selection is REALLY important…
    But now my question is what do we do as we don’t have money for an appeal ($40000-ish)?

  43. Lenora Adair says:

    My 12 year old son is INNOCENT and going through this. A ten year old foster child (female) falsely accused him. Please visit our site and read. We have evidence of the truth. It is also a true story of cover up and corruption in the sector of Child and Family Services.


  44. dan terzano says:

    My roomate is serving 15 years since 2009 he was at a movie with his six year old daughter and she had a belly ache and ask her dad if she could sit on his lap and rub her belly so he lift her shirt up and ran his both hands up and down her belly then two teenage girls called the police and said he was rubbing her nipples and malesting her his public defender never showed the survalance film of this to grand jury his daughter to this day at ten years old wants to know why they took her dad away i think because the mother who always hated him took there daughter to a cares interview two days after the movie and the detective picked them up and some how they had his daughter say while he helped her to teach her to wipe front to back that he put his finger in her vagina so i keep hopeing someday the truth will save him i see his kid every month and tell her i will keep trying to get her daddy back

  45. april says:

    My husband .isi going Thur this right .now he WAS flase accused.of the same thing. All because of the victims .mother.who knew that her daughter lied about her age.he victim didnt look young and she carried her self as if she was 21 yearsold . He didn’t find out her true age . Until she got pregnant with his baby. The mother didn’t tell the cops that she allowed him and her to be together .for years.and she allowed it. Until he got her knock .up and stop paying .her mother bills. She knew .he don’t rap her. She said to one of hisfamliy members .if he would have kept! On giving us money . Iwould had lied onhim. So we are now trying to fix his life. How can wefix it. I have AN6 yearold child .with him that he had never touched.. my babygirl has told .me that her .daddy not that type of person.kids no. How .can we fix .his life?we need help!…andhe comes home next month.

  46. RevDebsky says:

    I feel badly that anyone faces false charges. I am relieved when charges or dropped, or the falsely accused are ftsound not guilty. A couple of decades ago there was a horrible situation of false accusations against a home day care and the grown son and the mother (who was in poor health) were both arrested and spent far too long before a trial date being set. The mother was released because she was considered low flight risk and the state did not want to continue to have to pay for her medical care. Eventually the soon stood trial and luckily justice prevailed (just super slowly). Turns out it started with one of the children they watched, whose parents were divorcing and it was ugly, especially custodial. When the first accusation was made it created a mob mentality, and several children (their parents) jumped on board. Killing the case was multi-fold but the largest part was the video tapes the “professional” therapist (turns out unlicensed) were shown in court and it was a shockwave through the courtroom. She had those dolls some doctors use to help the children explain things that happened when they can’t really find the words. And with each child they was saying no, no, no, no. Then she would keep at it until the children changed their story. I detest when false accusations like this are made, be it children or adults it is horrific. 1- No one should make a false accusation, it risk an innocent person being imprisoned, not to mention the cost, loss of job, loss of friends, etc. 2 – it undermines the cases of every person who is or has gone through such a incident. It hasn’t been that long ago and does still happen now and then where the defense questions the victim as to what they were wearing?, why were they out at that time, or in that place. Which is one big “you were asking for it” So anytime a false accusation is made it sets us back so fast.

    The right to face your accuser, your right. But there is a reason, and many cases have resulted in (if the child is old enough to articulate) questioning in court under oath with live video feed. There fore the child does not have to face the accused and in cases where the defendant is guilty putting the child in the same room can add to it many parents e so intimidating, and many strangers. Physical evidence if they have it will be used, however it isn’t always there, When a person regardless of age is attacked like this many times their first reaction is to scrub themselves. Many never report it out of fear, out of self doubt, out of denial. Now take it back it up to children. A common trait pedophiles will deploy is , if you tell anyone I will kill your parents, no one will believe you, etc. So most never speak of it. If they do it is usually quiet a bit later, hence little to no evidence. Then it is not uncommon for a parent or parents to not report it because of that shame factor. They don’t want to put their child through any more trauma (even psychological). Then there is the issue of having them checked by a doctor, in an exam that the longer the delay the less evidence. But that type of examination is also traumatic. And so often the parents are still dealing with a fresh wound, it is our job to protect them and be their superheros, even if we aren’t with them 24/7.

    But, all in all, I am sorry you had to experience false accusations and all that followed. I am glad you were found not guilty.

  47. Revonia Lynn says:

    Hello I have a 17 son that was charge with attempted murder and shooting in a oppupid dwellin @ the age of 16. My son is innocent and there has not been no proven evidence that links my son to this shooting. Wr have been goin through this fight with tryin to prove my son innocent until the point of us presenting a recorder from the viticum stating that he know for a fact my son didn’t shoot him but since my son want tell it he will do the time the judge sentence my son to 35yrs in prisions. What can I do, my stress level is beyond overwelming and I am worried about my child. Please help me

  48. StressedToTheMax says:

    I need help:'( I dunno what to do.. My boyfriend was accused of molestation in the 2nd degree. He told me a few months back that he was scared because this girl was saying that he raped her. When he didn’t. I believe him 1,000% and I love him and don’t want him to go to jail because some girl can lie. He has been being held in jail since last night because her parents just now said something to authority’s about it. I’ve been a wreck. I feel as if nothing will be the same between us if he is accused, or even if he’s not:( I really need him. Especially since I just found out that I’m pregnant with his child. I don’t want our baby to grow up not knowing their father…

  49. SMW says:

    Kriss Wolf I would like to speak to you. My husband an I have been talking about how people need to know what really goes on. WE ARE THE VICTIMS…of a stalker, family, and a “good ole boy” system. The caa, judge, and da make up there mind about how much they wanna work on witch case down at the local coffee shop….small town Texas.

  50. SMW says:

    It may be alful to say, but in away you were lucky. I say this becuase my husband has been fasley acussed. We lived on his income alone cus I have FM, we lived pay check to pay check. And his bond was set at $75,000 due to a 21 year old drug felony(he has not even had a speeding ticket since). So he has been in jail for 10 months and has a CAA attorney. And as he sits waiting on tail as one thing after another is rest he is LID(life in danger) We thought from the very start as well as family and friends that the system would wake up. There is sooo much more to our story. I think you for specking out..it all sounds too fulmiarl. But when there is no money there is not a chance for a good attorney. We at this point rely fully on God and so may are praying. I’ve been screaming “THIS IS WRONG” for 10months. Since he has been in waiting trail we have lost my mother, lost his Aunt, a grand daughter has been born, and a grandson had a 2nd b-day. So the reason I say you were lucky in away….money for bond, money for an attorney, time out after aresst to prepair for your case without every call, or talk with your attorney being recorded by the jail and reviewed by the DA (if my husband even flirts with me it can be taken out of context. It’s like a 10 month interagation cus you are poor…cus all your money was spent on your sick wife fighting to live. So now we fight for his life..with God, friends, and family….but no attorney…and a DA wanting to get as many notches as she can for her carrer. Sorry if I sound harsh..but this is very painful…my husband, me, and a family that love a miss him are the victims…and the system we believed was there to protect us has helped with the victimizeing. The laws that were put in place to protect have swung too far the other way….there is no logic or sense used at all. Teens now know this and acusses over and over and are not stopped. It is well know amung teens that this is away to get money, drugs, or used when cought doing something by their parents. They with their young minds do not understand the lifes their lies destroy. It has to stop with the way that first detective handles it….stop the “Oh poor victim” until there is proof they are a victim….people lie, teens lie. There is no such thing as jusice without money…if there is even any such thing anmore at all.

  51. Gi says:

    Please HELP!! My fiance was falsley accused of sexual child abuse in 2006. He was arrested and the person accusing him was his niece…he lived with his sister and her 5 kids…3 of which were girls. The one that accused him was 8 and had KNOWN psychological issues. My fiance lived there because his sister had her hands full and at the time he was single, no kids, no obligations so he thought he would do the right thing and help her out because her husband was a deadbeat who really did nothing to help her with the kids. He liked making them, but caring for them was another story all together!

    Well the girl got in trouble one morning for beating her sister in the face with a hair brush and my fiance pulled her off of her and smacked her bottom and told her that, that behavior was not allowed. When she left for school he specifically told her not to have a bad day at school or she was going to be in trouble when she got home. Well, guess what…she had a bad day at school. Instead of coming home to be in trouble for her behavior she decided she would tell her school counselor that he touched her!! She was never sent home from school that evening. The mother was called to the police station and when she was told of the accusations, she said that’s impossible my brother would never do something like that. Because she didn’t agree with the police right out of the gate. ALL of her children were removed from her home!!!!! They said that she was allowing the sexual abuse to occur!!

    The little girl stated that my fiance came into the room (mind you the room she spoke of belonged to her BROTHER and she NEVER even slept there) but anyway, she said he came into the room pulled down her pants and “tried to put it in her butt but it wouldn’t fit” so he walked out. This story changed NUMEROUS TIMES!!! However; when it was time to go to court, my fiance was told that the girl would not have to testify, that he could not have character witnesses and that basically it was his word against the little girl. His sister was not allowed to have ANY contact with my fiance and was told if she contacted him or helped his case in any way that she would no longer be allowed contact with her own children.

    The icing on the cake? He was given a public defender…as I told you he was young and living with his sister at the time and had no money to put towards a defense. Well, he was offered a plea deal. And his lawyer told him, if you take this you go home today, if you don’t most likely you will spend the next 80 years in jail. He told my fiance, unless you can show me that you didn’t live in this state at the time of her allegations, I cant get you off. Well, he lived there in the house with her, so he felt backed into a corner and took the plea. Now, he has to register as an SO and our lives are HELL.

    Not to mention he was violated on his probation and the judge threw the freaking book at him for a minor violation and the ONLY violation he received in 2 years time!! He gave him ALL of his back up time, every single minute. My fiance has now been in jail for 3 1/2 years for a crime he DIDN’T COMMIT!!! He is missing out on our sons life and is not even allowed to have visits with our child due to ” the nature of his crime” The sisters kids were never returned to her, they have since been adopted to other family’s even though she spent $70K fighting the court to get them back, they were sent to foster families that had a TON more money and showed the good life in a house that didn’t have 5 mouths to feed and became spoiled. Not to mention they had plenty of “counseling” from the state and were encouraged to stay in the foster homes.

    This family has lost EVERYTHING and the damage is only continuing to escalate with our family. I have known my fiance since I was 15…I am now 34 years old. I knew the minute the accusations were made that they were false and I never belived them even for a second, I tried as hard as I could to fight with him when all this was going on but financially I wasn’t much assistance either. So now, My kids have been teased, my dog has been shot and my fiance has been behind bars for 3 1/2 years leaving me and me alone to take care of house and home.

    Does ANYONE know what to do in this situation? I want so badly for that little girl (who by the way is now 14 almost 15 years old) to tell the damn truth but she lives the good life now and doesn’t have to face any of this…Doesn’t have to see what she has done and what lives she has ruined with her hateful lies to get out of a punishment! Please, if anyone can tell me what I can do to wake up from this nightmare I would appreciate it!!

  52. Joe Ricketts says:

    I was falsely arrested January 5,2012 for sexual exploitation of a minor who was lying about everything through the world of Facebook they said I asked for pictures of her breasts and supposedly sent her pics of my genitalia over the phone I talked with her about music over the phone but that was it and the only reason I was friends with her is her Facebook said she was 21 another obvious lie now the detective lied under oath claiming to have a recording of me admitting to it when I didn’t I told people no I did not do it I have them all my electronics to go through and check for smut like that guess what no evidence of pictures of my penis being sent to her no texts from me to her asking for pictures of her breasts I was happily engaged to be married before that started cause of that lying kid I lost friends family job oppurtunities respect I had worked my whole life to earn I was falsely labeled I went through major depression over this and have tried offing myself countless times just to end my misery yet failing every time and even though I have a great lawyer I’m in debt over this crap and they keep dragging it out even though it should be obvious I didn’t do it I even asked the detective to bring in the supposed recording of me the chicks family doesn’t show up to court anymore neither do her lawyers or the detective that lied under oath

  53. T.S says:

    I really enjoyed your story. It’s very sad that this goes on in our society everyday. My husband is also a victim of a sex crime, and get this it’s for our 2 girls. They got upset because he wouldn’t allow them to go out and do what they wanted to do so they lied on him. Both girls said it was intercourse,test results came back they both were still virgins. He was released on bond after 8 months in jail. Today the state brought him back into court after being out for 1 month and had the judge revoke his bond for a phone call he had with me 8 months ago. My entire family is devasted except for our 2 girls whom caused this. Now they are with their grandmother doing what they want and they feel good. DCF took custody of them saying I failed to protect them. (Nothing happened so how did I fail to protect them) One of my girls told me they come by once a week and rehearse how to act and what to say. Florida is a very demonic state!

    • I will be compiling a list of people to submit to the DR Phil show and other media outlets so that some light can be shone on these stories. If you are interested in potentially being on the show, please email me your name, state and phone number. I will send an email when the submition takes place.

  54. Mary Walls says:

    My son has been convicted of the same crime and was sentenced to three life terms to run consecutively. This happened in Oklahoma where a life sentence is 45 years. The law states he must do at least 85 percent of the time to be considered for parole. I can’t afford a lawyer for so he has a public defender. I could really use some help in getting him freed. There were so many mistakes in his trial, from witnesses lying under oath, to motions not being filed to objections not being made. Please if anyone can point me in the direction as to what I can do to get this conviction overturned, contact me. Thank you.

  55. jason says:

    I just have been accused of this my ex sayin that I touched her Daughter she is only 4 I would never do that I have to move out by tues dont know,where to take my stuff the Daughter I treated her like my own cps threw it out sayin the story and docs notes did not add up gave it to the pd im goin in to take a poligraph test soon I dont have money to move or a Lawer im havin a hard time with alll of it I have to kids that are mine with her she has not even reallly told me what her daghter said I miss my familly wish it would all be over I cant beleive she would think that anyone have any advice ?if I pass the poligragh will it end the girl called her daddy I just wonder if it was someone,else

  56. Jo1974 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was working on an Essay paper about false allegations of child sexual abuse and came across your story. It is so unfair the trials that the innocent have to go through.

  57. aaron fisher says:

    Please help me too. I am trying to learn how to get on TV to exposed these immoral wrongful acts from happening. I spent six and half yrs and did not touch a kid. My own sister made up accusations because I refused to pay her money when I found out she was extorting me for months (4 months) I had no crimminal record or ever a charge for a crime like that. We need to get togeather and form a party that can actually DO some good so someone will act. I won a sup.CT. decision six to one out of seven judges and was still forced to cop a plea to get out of what would have been a lengthy prison term. There was No evidence of any abuse period. Please help.

  58. Jarrett says:

    I have been working in the criminal defense field for the past three years and have worked on cases where our client is being falsely accused and the alleged victim makes up completely false allegations. I appreciate you sharing your story as there are many people suffering from the nightmare of being wrongly accused. It is wonderful so many people have shared their stories. Being falsely accused can be the most isolating experience, especially when the news reports the situation and old acquaintances rush to judgement and treat you differently. Not everyone receives the same support from family, friends as co-workers as you did. To fight through the ordeal is the only thing to do and I hope someone who is completely innocent refuses to lay down and accept a deal.

    In Colorado, sex assault charges carry an indeterminate life sentence and the release is up to the parole board. Many attorneys want to avoid indeterminate sentencing and encourage their clients to take a plea deal whether or not they are guilty of the accusations. Its a messed up system because so many people are pressured into taking a deal. I recently read a statistic that only 3% of cases nationwide are resolved through trials and of those 70% are convicted. I have a hard time believing less than 1% of the people charged with crimes are innocent.

    I’d also like to talk about the attorney selection process. You should feel 100% confident in the abilities of your attorney. If there is ever a time when you feel unease you should find someone different. It may be costly and time consuming to fire an attorney mid-case but it is cheaper and saves more time than your case not going well. You did a wonderful job finding an expert who could handle your case who you trusted.

    If anyone is charged with a crime in Colorado contact our law office for a free consultation. Our website is http://www.stevenlouth.com/denver-criminal-defense-attorney/ and we practice across Colorado with offices in Denver and Boulder. Steven Louth is a trial lawyer who thrives at arguing cases in front of a jury. If you have been falsely accused find an attorney you feel comfortable with and fight the charges.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  59. paula says:

    My son is dealing with this now due to a nasty divorce. Because he said he was going after custody of their son due to her wanting to have an affair with her uncle she slapped charges on his in less then a week saying he messed with her daughter. She tried to bring charges tried to bring rape charges on her daughters dad too. The courts dropped the case in Aug due to lack of evidence but now have brought them up saying the child is stronger now & can testify. 3 mths of the mother coaching her & now we have spent everything we had the first time. Selling everything again but it’s still now enough. My son’s mental state over all this is horrible not to mention ours as we know our son. The incest on her part is why he left her & wanted the divorce in the first place. Please if there is anyone out there that can help get ahold of me. These women need to be stopped.

  60. Chris says:

    My partner has recently been falsely accused of child sex crime. Im so scared because the juries always believe children over adults. We are gay and the victim happens to be a girl. We do have some evidence but im still scared to death!

    • Kriss Wolf says:

      document that evidence. it is not your word against her word if you bring in massive evidence. Do not let down, do not stop fighting and for gods sake prove you were not where she said you were. Put it in a sworn affidavit.

  61. mike says:

    i could really use some help i’m actually in the middle of being accused and i have no idea what to do, i just had a son with my wife and i feel like i’m going to be thrown away for something i didnt do. please help!

    • Kriss Wolf says:

      Get a lawyer and then get ever document you can. If they said it happed at 2:15 on a Tuesday you document with affidavits where you were at that time. This is a life fight so you better fight to win

  62. Savannah says:

    I’m going through a similar situation with my boyfriend and guys son to be ex wife. Age accursed him of touching their 3 year old daughter after she found out he was in a new relationship ads want coming back to her. The lawyer we have is runnin g for district office and we feel he is representing yd rye best to his ability. So ti speak, he not trying to rattle any feathers right before elections. The case has been going on for almost a year and we know nothing more than we did in the beginning. But the DA has interrogated, investigated, put a warrant out 3 months later, and then indicted him 6 months after that and our lawyer seen to know nothing but he wants my boyfriend to take a plea for 8 years. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do please help anyone.

  63. Formerly Accused says:

    Rule #1: Never, ever talk to the police – under ANY circumstances. Decline all interviews, don’t attempt to vindicate yourself to the cops. Save your words and tell it to the judge, they’re a lot more sympathetic. If a cop wants to talk to you, you’re already a suspect in a crime that has been committed and they’re fishing for anything to justify slapping cuffs on you.

    It sounds a bit cliched but it is true, anything and everything you say CAN and WILL be used against you, at least as accurately as the cops have “remembered” it when they tell the judge. Why do you think the police dislike people videotaping and recording them?

    This is a very informative speech on the matter from a top law professor with criminal defense experience

    I managed to survive two sets of false allegations of sexual abuse as well as as a claim of domestic abuse during a divorce and custody battle from my second marriage. The claims were obviously very flimsy to begin with, they were conflicting, and it only took a few minutes with a child therapist for my children to tell the therapist bluntly that their mother and her relatives had pressured the children into telling the police and CPS stories of sexual abuse. Of course, when every cop and government official out for the social good of the nation is looking to earn a merit badge on your downfall regardless of the fact that you’re innocent, there won’t really be too much effort into digging for the truth. The conviction rates reflect a sinister truth that even gross investigative oversights will not handicap even the most fumbling DA’s child sexual abuse prosecution.

    I immersed myself in stories of what one could expect as well as read up on ways to defend one’s self and ultimately I came to the conclusion that the chance of a conviction was too great to risk living my life normally. I instructed my ex-wife from my first marriage as well as my teenage daughter from that marriage to tell no one of my whereabouts. I would have disconnected my cell phone but I needed it for business. Instead, I made sure that if I turned on my cell phone, I would do so only briefly, and then I would shut it off, get in my car, and go somewhere else and otherwise would forward cell calls during the day to a prepaid number – and thankfully I did not have a routine place of employment. I also had the luxury of choosing several cars in case the police had managed to install a GPS tracker, often letting friends and co-workers borrow them while I took theirs. It was also a real comfort that I had a foreign passport, knew the foreign language of my potential country of refuge, that there was no extradition treaty, and that I had a large wad of cash near me at all times to be used if I ever felt the noose getting too tight around my neck. It was my every intent to avoid being arrested for something I did not do.

    The cops made countless efforts to find my whereabouts, leaving their business cards at my house, my first wife’s house, and even getting access to my client list and going to outfits that had contracted my services at one time. I think that ultimately the inconsistent statements from my children as well as the cops’ inability to get me to inadvertently say something incriminating in an interview saved my tail.

    I thank those who offered me support during that troubling time, but mostly I thank God that I wasn’t arrested. I am still pretty shaken and embittered about my life now as well as my rude awakening to what my tax dollars have been supporting all these years. CAPTA and VAWA are seriously flawed laws, there is an egregious lack of accountability for those who make false accusations as well as nothing in the way of recompense against state agents who are equally part of the problem.

    Please keep the posts coming, and if there are those out there who would like to make more of an issue of this, I have media production skills, I am a professional in the business, and am more than happy to donate my time and resources to shining a little light on those who perpetuate this violation of our God given rights. Contact me at this email –
    anglachanin@yahoo.com. It may take a few or more days for me to reply, but I will.

  64. kat says:

    im so sorry this happened to you,im glad your life is back i keep praying my boyfriends will be back to he was accused of rape at 13 and has been locked up almost 2 years then they took him out and sent him to a pathways center making it seem like he doesnt understand whats going on because he is mexican but he speaks english just as well as spanish just like me and you,well the sad thing is even though he was in juvie and now 15 hes on superior court so they are trying to give him 25 years the sad thing is there isnt evidence someone in his family blamed something on him about there child because she didnt want to tell her husband that she allowed her children to do something and because he didnt have a shirt on at the time the husband believed that he did something to his daughter and put a gun to his head and said if you dont go with the cops and say your guilty i will shoot you! well he was just a child and scared and the issue is they cant come and say he didnt do it because when the police came the mother said forget it i dont want to press charges anymore…the police said fine you wont take the case then i will,now the case is in the district attorneys hands and well now the so called victims cant stand up and say he didnt do it and its terrible just pray for him please i know i maybe young but he is the love of my life i should know if its real after all i went through this past year but if anyone can help i beg of you he is too young for this and if you can help me,please!!! hes an innocent kid who needs help he hasnt even gone to court yet,so if i could get anything it would be great before they sentence him to 25 years!!

  65. chris says:

    EUR I typed out my whole story all the details and my feelings but couldn’t send it as I’m still awaiting trail and my lwyer says I shouldn’t and I’m so scared I can hard breathe at times
    My family spent 41000 dollars so far and I’m not even to trial yet I’ve lost everything my vehicles my house my job my children my friends
    unployment has run out and I can’t find a job I have no idea how I’m going to eat let alone pay for anymore lawyers fees as my family is tapped out now my only hope is to be exonerated at trial and get a job so I can try and start rebuilding but that’s not till the end of January
    This is the darkest its ever been in my life and I can’t even talk to others who’ve been thru this for support or lose my self in my job the only thing keeping me going is the love and comfort my girlfriend and mother but they just don’t understand the thoughts u get that u wanna ask others if their normal or if its ok or if u need to be watch
    U can’t really understand the he’ll it is until u stand here and it just goes on and on and on
    I haven’t seen spoken to or hugged my children in over a year
    If u can please pray for me and all who came before ne and all who come after
    Pray for reform and justice and an end to this nightmare
    Most of all pray that it’s never u or somebody u love

  66. jodie zuniga says:

    Ive got everyone beat with my story…try a mother who accused her own daughter of sexually abusing her children because she wanted custody of them. I am not ashamed to talk about this because this woman made complete and total victims out of me and my kids. She told awful lies and made up horrible stories of the things I did to my children. Its even worse when a woman hell bent on anihilation of your soul, makes accusations like she did. Everyone thinks “well, If her OWN mother is saying those things…it must be true” This woman has been a sociopath for as long as I can remember and she has destroyed my reputation and my relationship with my entire family with her lies. She has even accused other people in the family over the years…including the daughter she took from me 27 years ago!… telling everyone that my daughter sexually molested her cousin because she herself was sexually molested…in other words, she learned it from her mother. Im writing a book about this subject…so if anyone wishes to contribute anything…please let me know…thanks…Rainnee ( by the way…my real name is Jodie…I had to move away and change my name because of the nightmare my mother put me through…Now..just call me Rainnee

  67. David Fenton says:

    Hi, My name is David, I was looking for information on google and came across this. I was arrested 2 days ago for allegations that I sexually assaulted a minor apparently I had been doing this for 7 weeks but his mother only reported it 2 days ago. I was arrested and let out on bail obviously with very strict bail conditions. I am being accused of being a monster and I really dont know what to do! You have all been in this situation and need to know how you got through it? I know im innocent but no one else does! Thankfully I have the support of my family. I just want to end my life because this is the worst disgusting thing to ever be accused of! Im terrified that I will be wrongly convicted of this. How do i prove my innocence? I live in England and not sure whether things are different there (laws) but im really scared. please reply someone because I dont want to end things but feel that is the only way out of this. 😦 Thank you David F

  68. Lindsay says:

    my sons father whose only 27 years of age was just convicted in july of the same crime. He got sentenced to life without parole. I know he is innocent. We all do. Ive contacted the innocence project but I know it will still take years to get back in court Any advice? My son is two and dearly misses his daddy.

  69. I too have experienced such a horrible situation. Some ten years ago, I was accused by my nephew who was almost 12 at the time and is now 21 years old. I was facing about 30-40 years in state prison as well. It’s been hell these last ten years but I have learned just recently that my nephew came forward and told the tuth to his mother (my sister) and to another family member. I also spoke with him in person recently and he apologized. I contacted the police officer who initially investigated these accusations, he’s now a Captain in the force. He told me that he had contacted the District Attorney’s Office and supposedly a DA Investigator said they would look into the matter of having this false conviction overturned(only for terrorist threats I allegedly made to my nephew inorder to keep his silence about the molestation. I had been acquited through a jury trial for all the molestation charges..Thank God!) It’s been three months since I received the email from the Captain. I contacted my sister and inquired as to if she had been contacted by anyone from the DA’s Office..She said no, that she hadn’t. Apparently true justice means little to these so-called “professionals.” They were quick to arrest me, humiliate me, and hold me with a million-dollar bond so I could not bail-out and maliciously prosecute me..But not so quick to correct such a terrible injustice once there is exculpabe evidence presented. They’d rather see it all go away…It’s not going away..I’ll see to that!! My life was utterly ruined. I’m a homeless man now sleeping under bridges and in the bushes. I lost a great job, a new pickup truck, my college work and career aspirations, everything, and they just want me to go on with life because I’m not locked away in some hell-hole. I did spend 5 months in jail awaiting my trial. I also spent 10 months in state prison for the terrorist threat. That’s only a short time, 15-months in a cell. But it’s not the incarceration that disturbs me, it’s the loss of my life..it was the humiliation and the way I was treated by not only those in the justice system but my own family. I had a great life, a great job that i truly loved. And was looking forward to so much happiness. Now? Oh, this sort of thing happens all the time, people just don’t have a clue as to just how prevalant this is today. I’m sorry for anyone who has been forced to endure such a tragig ordeal!!

  70. Tim says:

    I was also falsely accused of sexually assaulting a four year old, an 8 year old and a 12 year old, all girls! I was only 15 at the time! Since I have only told a select few friends and family! Today I’m 21 and still feel guilty for a crime I never committed, I was literally playing hide and seek, or tag, with the three girls, and for some reason that was enough to provoke two adults above the age of 40 and one above the age of 60 to hold me at fist point, literally on the verge of physically assaulting me, a 15 year old boy! The charges never got made, it never went to court, and when I brought up the violations against my rights, the police and law did not hold up at all! 21 years of age, 6 years on! and I’m still battling! I constantly question who I am! I constantly debate whether I’m a worthy person! I cant go out and meet girls without feeling enormous amounts of stress and panic, I stop myself from feeling affection towards girls! I’ve never had a girlfriend! My life has been so badly scarred by this! those 3 girls, now grown up, can get on with their lives now, those fucking insensitive adults are probably sitting back, enjoying life! Un-fucking-aware that their over protective actions to falsely accuse and threaten to assault a 15 year old boy, has had massive repercussions on my life…I try to get on like all my friends, I’ve tried to be strong! But this scar is now part of my life, and I feel so angry that its there, similar to how a person would feel if a great percentage of their body suffered third degree burns as a result to an arsonist deliberately setting fire to a building, only in my case, the arsonist just gets away with it!

    This year I was out with friends! As the night was coming to an end I was walking through the city streets! I was thinking about lots, I was crying a lot too, not because of me, but I think of friends, best friends, family, mum and dad, brothers, teachers, ect! I feel like I am letting them down! And then there’s this little thought circulating in my mind, the thought to just give it up, and go be free. Just live freely…and sometimes the only way I can think of living free, away from feeling so depressed!…and then I think of ending life! I try to push past it, but somehow it just follows me, like a shadow! I have faith to keep on going, but am just as scared that suicide could be just round the corner!

    Finding this site, knowing there are other people just like me helps! And I am very thankfull for it! I pray no one ever has to experience what I went through. I read that child molestation is a crime considered worse than murder, I would argue that being falsely accused of such a hideous crime is just as bad.

  71. kKaci says:

    I am the current fiance’ of a man who was accused by his daughter on Father’s Day 2012. Once the daughter made the originals charges on her father – she had stated that he had been doing this to her since she was 12. His daughter is 18 and he specifically told her she could not move in with her older boyfriend that same day. That same day she came into our room after getting out the shower with just a towel on, later on that day she had asked her father to put suntan lotion on her back. She stated that this same issue happened to her last summer where her, her father and bfriend were living for the summer but yet had us have her 18 birthday there this year. I went to see the daughter 2 days after the charges to return her purse and clothes that had been in my house and was shocked to her in the same outfit that the alleged assault happened in. Several days later she called me to sell her father’s vehicle and personal items and give her the item. I had advised that I could not do so without the autority of her dad and then she told me that I could have half the money and still advised her that I could not be a party to something like this. This story is still ongoing as we are still trying to get ore information and my fiance has been detained for the last 4 months. However, I have been reading that a common thread about girls falsely accusing a parent is a ‘ritual’ like assault and this case is no different. This case is in Canada and there isnt a group for dads that are falsely accused here and its heartbreaking for everyone in this case.

  72. Rainnee De La Zuniga says:

    27 years ago my life was ruined when my own mother, a very disturbed woman, invented malicious lies about me to gain custody of my three children. She told my entire family that I was sexually abusing my three young children. She tried to annihilate my very soul because of her psychopathic jealousy. It cost me my marriage, my career, my friends, my entire family and my children. Today, I am alone. My family hasn’t spoken to me in 27 year. My friends abandoned me years ago and nobody wants to be seen with me when they hear of my story. Even all these years later I turn my back and hear the whispers “did u hear what she did”? I have been shunned by a world who has no problem believing “It must be true if her OWN mother is saying it”. If my kids had been taken in a car accident…my suffering would have been easier. If anyone is doing research, documentaries, films, books or any sort of studies…please, please, please contact me. My story will blow your mind. Im an empty shell…she took my soul years ago…..R

  73. Todd says:

    Im being accused of touching my stepdaughter, she says it happened when she was 9 she is 15 now. It’s destroying my life and I feel helpless. I hired a attorney but he does not seem to care. I’ve never been in trouble, and I feel lost. She has always hated me and blames me for breaking up her mother and father. She’s lived with me for 13 years and said this only happened once. I have 4 other children and all say I’ve been a model father. Can you give me advice. I feel alone and disgusted. Any help would be greatly apperceated. Thank you todd

  74. donald ener says:

    I am living this hell as we speak, falsly charged with Super Aggrivated Sexual Assault of a Minor. I lost my family, home, job, and entire life due to a soon to be ex wanting money, and knowing she would have a hard time winning the divorce since she filed it herself, gave me primary custody, and agreed to no child support. My case has zero physical evidence of injury, and i have a spotless criminal history up to these terrible lies shattering me and my childrens lives. I thank God for my mom, dad, and siblings, as well as for the continued good health of my children, but i cannot convey how bad it hurts a man not to have any contact with his children for almost a year and a half. is it fair for a grand jury to no bill a case, and for a corrut police dept to be able to call a special meeting of a 2nd grand jury to ensure indictment? is it fair when the person you supposedly assaulted has no harm to them, so they arrest you with made up evidence you supposedly used to commit this made up crime? is a man who was proud of his family, and his lifes accomplishments supposed to just accept that he has had everything he worked for and his loved ones taken away on the whims of a corrupt police chief, judicial system, and ex wife, and not want any sort of righting of the wrongs? i am greatful for the hard work of my criminal defense attorney, and for my freedom for now. I am however scared to death, and am not sure how to maintain even lifes simplest necessities, like a job, place to live, or peace of mind. to say i am tired is a understatement. i miss my children with every ounce of my being, and will never stop fighting to prove my innocense, and to be able to give them back the best life possible after all this ends. I have learned that you cannot make sense of insanity, so i am not sure how much hope i even have to win this case. are there survivors of this hell that i can lean on for emotional support and facts? i feel very alone and scared 24 hours a day. i would love to talk to anyone that can give me hope, so i can someday become a part of my sweet babies lives again and return to being a functional man in society. if u are interested in helping or just giving me facts, my email is donald.ener@gmail.com or donjuanica1@gmail.com. thanks to anyone who reads this from the bottom of my heart

  75. charles says:

    They wont tell me what there tryin to charge me with all they tell me is its a sex crime on my 15girl i have no money for lawyer now they trying to change her last name and she hates myside of fam what should i do and can her grany change her name

  76. Joshua Winland says:

    Hello, My name is Joshua Winland. My phone number is 304-771-1010. I was also falsely accused of molesting my youngest son when I came to Florida to visit them after not seeing them for 2 1/2 years. I went through 2 years of hell and faced life in prison without the possiblity of parole. After the state rested and my son said nothing happened 12 times on the stand. The judge issued a judgement of acquittal. I have spent the last 7 months trying to find my sons in West Virginia. I finally did last week. I have an open case with the national center for missing and exploited children. I went to the board of education and found my ex-wifes address. I filed a co ntempt of court charge. The same day my ex-wife filed a protective order now claiming that my oldest son was abused by me. My oldest son is almost nine and the last time I saw him in WV he was 2 1/2. After 3 years of questioning and his trial testimony he never said anything happened to him. 15 days after i was acquitted my ex-wife put them in counseling. Now there is some new accusation. Please help me with any advise you may have. My family spent 50,000 dollars fighting this in FL. Now we have no money and I desperately need an attorney…..please contact me with any ideas you may have. Thank you
    Tonya craft a female victim of falsely accused who made national headlines became part of my legel team and we a currently working together. We need an attorney to help. Dean Tong was also tendered as an expert in my case in Florida…..please help!

  77. Alex says:

    I NEED HELP.. I am being accused by my wife’s daughter that I molested her. I have never done anything that she is saying I did. She claims it only happens once and 3years ago. There is no way to prove my innocence, it’s her word against mine. She is know to be a lier as she has accused her mom in the past of beating her. Please I need help anything anyone can help me out with will help.

  78. April Hart says:

    This happens too many times. There has got to be something done to stop the ruining of innocent lives. And it’s not just the “accused” that suffers, it’s their spouse, their children amd anybody that cares about that person. You’d think a case like “The Duke Rape Case” would have opened some eyes and ears!

  79. mary says:

    I am dealing with the same kind of accusations against my husband, my niece ran a way from home with a 32 year old man, after getting her home she was not punished but the poor man that took her (her parents allowed him to take her all the time) i made the comment in public that i thought she should be punished for what she had done the man was not on his own although they had proof on camera that she left school on her own free will. I agree that he should be punished but not to the extenet of 5 years in prison, he was also a ex marine had served time in iraq, After her mother found out what i said she then accused my husband of molesting her daughter. The law questioned my husband and said they didnt believe her story, we have heard nothing in about 4 months the law refuses to talk to me cause i am not involved in the case (how am i not involved ) my husband and i have children still in school they plastered it all over face book for months not only the girl but her mom and grandmom and quite a few others in her family, Now after not hearing anything for months, i am hearing now they are working on 14 other guys this family has accused but they are being cleared one at a time. Why are they not being punished?

  80. Jay Hilliard says:

    Thank You for your story… My family too is going through this, only my stepson was not only accused but tried, convicted and sentenced to five 60 yr sentences and one twenty yr sentence. All on a lie! Please go to http://www.freepeck.com for the full story and PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition (located under “contact”) addressed to the Tx AG and Bexar co DA to reopen the case and investigate it properly. We really need to raise awareness on this…

  81. Kim says:

    I have a loved one falsely accused and convicted. We’re in the post conviction relief process right now in PA. I’m so afraid for him. I can’t see how 3 teenage girls from the same family could accuse a man of such crimes. I have scoured facebook getting evidence that they just wanted this man out of their lives so they can roam freely and do whatever the heck they want to do. I never read so many I don’t knows and I don’t remembers in one transcript. Also no DNA or hard evidence. Just false allegations. The mother even had men coming to the house after she kicked her ex out of the house and yet she read a letter that her and the girls “Through together in the hall” as she stated on the stand at the time of sentencing. Her girls are traumatized over this… They’ve lost friends, family and their church. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! The eldest had a two month old baby at the time of the accusations, jury never took her testimony as valid. She cried the whole time. middle teenager had her teenage boyfriend staying overnight while her mother was at work within weeks of the accusations. The youngest got pregnant 1 month after graduation, married the guy 4mths later, had the baby in march of the following year and high tailed it to missouri 3 months later. She’s pregnant again not even twenty yet. I don’t know how they heck these people lay their heads on their pillows at night knowing what they did him. It was known the mother wanted to divorce him but that didn’t matter. His lawyer didn’t tell him that he had been arrested for drug possession with delivery to inmate. He took on his case knowing that he’d have a trial of his own. It was leaked to the papers 3 days before my family members trial. Needless to say he got 56-102 years, his lawyer failed him miserably. DA suppressed everything that she could that would’ve helped his case and it worked. There were jurors asleep on the panel. Judge never said a word. How has it gotten this bad???!!! These Judges, lawyers, prosecutors, accusers and vindictive ex’s need to be handled. How?? I don’t know. I feel like a mouse in a huge ass maze. Where is the justice??? I feel for all the falsely accused on this page. I pray you and your family and friends have peace during this terrible trial. If I can be of any assistance or if someone would like to shed some light on my situation it would be greatly appreciated. I agree a documentary needs to be done on this epidemic. Thank you for your time and comments!


  82. Too Too says:

    My fiance went out to gave a few drinks with his buddies. They all went out for a smoke and.met this lady I believe shes 24 years old. They were all tipsy and she invited them to have a drink at her place. She was already flirting with my bf’s buddy so when they got to her house his friend and her started making out. My Guy was in the livingroom when his two buddies just left the house and left him there. He asked the lady to drop him off at the bus stop and she did. Now she’s charging him with sexual assault. This was totally unexpected and we are devastated. He’s an international student and can’t afford a lawyer and her lawyers want two years of jail. What can we do in this case. She doesn’t even have any evidence that he did that. He went to the doctor days later to get a medical report that
    showed someone beat her.

    accused her boyfriend in the past for physical assault and she’s still with him. The funny part is that her boyfriend went to my guys work looking for him to fight before this accusation. So to me it seems like her boyfriend abused her and is making her file this false case against my boyfriend. Why would anyone have such a bad heart to cause so much harm to someone. Why would she accuse a Guy she’s never met before that didn’t even touch her? I feel so helpless. I love my fiance and how can I move on in life with him when this is happpening. I can imagine if he goes to jail. Ill be devastated. How can he prove that she’s a liar? Does he even have a chance if he goes to trial without a lawyer? We can’t afford it and we are helpless.

  83. amanda says:

    my son was falsely accused by his brother only because his mom coached him to she doesn’t like me or my son i guess because we was there first he has done 3yrs and he was released last sunday and he was giving 10yrs he did 30 months and the rest on probation and he has to register for the rest of his life my son is a virgin and he has this evil charge on him he cant stay at home with me because there are other kids in the house so his probation officer says he cant be homeless where we live he has to be homeless in they county and he will have to sleep in the woods by the probation office he was told he couldnt get his GED because of his charges that was pending and the lawyer was a SOB he told my son that if he didnt take the plea that he would go to prison for 30yrs and and he told him that he would get to stay at home and he wouldnt have to register now he is stay in a hotel away from his family still and its only for a week because the place his po told him he had to go dont have the funds to pay for him to stay where they put people so he is gonna be in the woods thursday night she say he has to be there at his curfew time which is at 6pm and i dont hav a way to get him back to they county and if he is not there they are gonna issue a warrant for his arrest my son was 15 when they came and took him and now he is 18 no education no job skills no money to start off with im not workin his dad cant helf what are we to do i keep my head raise to the sky and me knees bent down on the floor and my prayers to my beloved farther in hopes that he will help us get thru these struggles of tug of war with the devil

  84. kathy rose says:

    my son has passed a polygraph by an FBI agent he has been accused from his ex f buddy daughter the DA does not believe in a polygraph he does not know what to do next he cant keep a job has to go to court all the time or go to CPS ALL THE TIME he has a court attorney who tries his best the same girl has accused ten other men and a couple of females any suggestions wood be helpfull

  85. Kriss Wolf says:

    Hi, having just suffered through the very same issue, I have a gentleman who wants to do a documentrary on this! I am trying to raise the money for this but the more people who contact him the better. Maybe we can do a whole series on this. If we restrict ourselfs to just the internet it will not go far. We need television exposure and if you are not willing to step forward thats fine. I am. I am going after the girl, her family, the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office.

    I would love to make this a full tv event. This abuse has to stop and the world needs to know about it. If you want this man name (he has been/is a private consultant for the past 30 years and is the reason I did not get convicted, the reason the state DROPPED the change WITH prejudice and I got part of my life back) I will give it to you in email so it does not seem like I am advertising for him.

    Which I totally would. after 16 months of my attorney sucking down $60K in defense money this man was done in 3 days and the state dropped the case two weeks later.

    I do not mind going public, I am not embarrised about this because I AM THE VICTIM!


    • Rebecca says:

      Hi! My fiance has been dealing with a similar case for over 14 years! He has messed up a little (failing to register some of the times he was supposed to), but had he not had these danged wrongful charges he’d be free today! Anyhow, we are very interested in this documentary. We are dead broke, He is currently in jail, and I just got power of attorney to handle anything I need to for him. Keep me posted and point me in any helpful directions. I am devastated!

    • Lyn Morris says:

      Having a loved one that was falsely accused as well, I am fighting to see that changes are made but we can’t do it single handedly. We need to unite and fight in unity. I know no one wants to step up due to being sued or retailiation but this can’t go on. We are going to destroy our own country from within. I see this as a greater threat than terrorism. The real numbers are not even available but the stories on line go on forever.

    • scott says:

      I am currently going through the same thing, last month they offered me a plea, one felony count of child abuse, today they offered me 2 misdemeanor, one child endangerment, one misconduct of sexual nature, they original charged, 7 felony counts sexual assault on minor. they have ruined my life, and my families, and they still want me to be responsible for something i didn’t do

    • MySecret says:

      Mr. / Mrs. / Miss Wolf,
      I am in a similar situation and would be interested in hearing about / from this person who helped you. If you or them could please contact me.

    • Revonia Lynn says:

      Can I be apart of this because it has gotten to far. They are railroading these children in the state of Alabama. The judge that sentence my son 35 years for something he did not do has had it out for african amercians every since his son was murder years ago. Don’t understand why they still got him on the bench. He gives a black man that murder someone with proven evidence 14 to 20 yrs but he give my 17 ol

    • j.correa says:

      Wolf! I would really lke to talk to you. Im in a bad situation and i need advice. Please get back to me on my email.

    • April says:

      I would love to get in on this. My husband went through almost word for word what I am reading now. We were offered a segment on the DR Phil show, but later was postponed. We too are looking for legal action of the girl, her family, state police, CYS and the DA. Ours was a blatant attempt to prevent us from filing full custody of my step daughter, and it was actuall discovered in trial that CYS never even investigated nor did the school and State police. Even the judge was appaled. Anyway, please any info you can give or direction for these steps would be good.

    • Lewis Vereen says:

      Hey Wolf, my name is Lewis. I am in a similar situation of false accusations and being railroaded by the State Attorneys Office…. Could you email me the consultant you referred to in your message…. My attorney has already got me for 20K….Please help..Thanks

    • Renae says:

      Your story rings all to familiar to the nightmare my family is enduring. 235 days my fiance has been incarcerated. There is no end in sight as there hasn’t even been a beginning. Not one thing adds up and I have enough information to support his innocence than they do to convict him. I can write a novel about this and what has happened and what hasn’t. I stand by my fiance 100%, and will never give up!!

    • Jill says:

      Hi Kriss,

      Could you forward the name of your contact to me ?

      My Uncle let his wife’s grandkids stay with them for all of 3 weeks and now the just turned 3 year old is accusing him of all sorts of heinous acts.

      So sorry to hear all the aggravation you went through 😦


    • Christine Hertz says:

      I’m looking for Help my names Christine I am the mother of a child who’s accused a man I believe innocent. The Detective got involved in Custody issues and the courts failed to release all the eviedence. My son was in a State Mental Hospital and the police are covering up I really need some help. My x-husband had a convicted Pediefiler living in his home and the DA would not allow this into the innocent mans trial or my sons mental illness. I have been searchi for help. I know my son was convienced to lie and I am very scared for him as well as the falsely accused can you help us?

    • carolyn says:

      Would you please give me the gentlemens name. My family and I are going through this not once but twice after 12 years of incarceration my family is going through hell literally.

    • susan says:

      I realize that your post is old, but did you get this on TV? This just happened to my husband and I a few days ago

      • K Wolf says:

        Not yet I am suing the girl the law agrrnts and am trying to vet mony for the documentary. It do go to the paper I sued

    • Andora Grager says:

      I am in, just let me know when and where. I agree this needs to go public, United we stand, divided we fall.

    • barbara says:

      Plese give me the name and contact information. My future son in law was convicted in Parker County, because he was 18 and she was 14 and at a party late at night and looked closer to 17 18 yrs old. He could not afford to fight and took attorneys advise and went on probation for 10 years, however he did not know the expense and the fact that he would not be able to get a good paying job and now has a son. He is a hard working man of 22 yrs old and last week they sentenced him to 8 yrs in prison, because he had to do classes with real hardcore baby molestors and did not see himself like that. He just had sex with a girl that portrayed herself as 17 yrs old. God help us.

    • andrew says:

      Can I have the guy’s name river77rat@hotmail.com

    • LORI HANDRAHAN Shameless false accuser/abuser says:

      Did that get up off the ground?

    • peggy lynn says:

      can you please contact me asap…my husband is going thru hell right now. his ex has accused him of molesting his 3 yr old daugher. she is now 7. we need help.have spent nearly 100,000. and are set to go to trial in a month. I am scared to death as is he. peg_gy34@yahoo.com is my email,,,please help us.

    • Christina says:

      Kris I am interested in this consultants name~please send it to me
      christina.willis60@gmail.com~~~Today is March 30th 2013~~~I would like to give you a group that I am involved with as well. It is a group trying to educate our local leaders on better laws, the sex offenders list being public~~the cost of the families involved from their husband, wife, or child that is on these list! I don’t have the information with out looking it up~~so if you see this please respond and I will follow through–most states are part of this organization! Thanks Christina

    • Jennifer L says:

      Dear Kriss,
      Thank you for having the courage to come forward and sharing your story. Never in a Million years would I ever have dreamt my Iraqi War Veteran son would be accused of this by my very sick and jealous sister. My son has no criminal record is loved by everyone including the accussers, we had proof beyond a reasonable doubt about his innocence, including police misconduct and lies, yet the DA took it to a Jury trail anyway, they tried to offer my son a plea bargin and he declined, stating he’d rather spend his life in prison than admit to sexual abuse that he didn’t do, His defense cost me about $120,000.00, the question I ask myself over and over is, what happens to all the innocent people falsly accused of sexual abuse? its simple a Public defender scares them into taking a 30 year deal in Prison. My son was aquitted on 9 of the 10 counts, meanwhile he gets a State Prison sentence for allegedly touching his cousin 17 years ago when he was 13 years old. Although we are appealing this last charge, there sits an INNOCENT War Hero in a State Prison. Something has to be done, we need to rally our politicians to change laws, we need to get the Project Innocence involved. I am horrified that so many men are falsy accused. It is so scary to think that you can simply say “I was molested” and the police, DA and jury will convict you to a life sentence, with no evidence.
      If every accussor was held accountable for making up false allegations, I believe we would see a change.
      When I went to visit my son in County Jail, I met scores of people who were visiting their loved ones “Falsly Accused”, everyone wondering what kind of sentenced their, sons, fathers, uncles, boyfriends, would get 30 years, 50 years, 100 years all based on sick jealous, vindictive people with No evidence.

      All we can do at this poiint is keep our faith in God and pray that some politician will be brave enough to take on this injustice taking place every single day in America,

      Wishing you all the Best,
      Jennifer L.

    • Ella says:

      My family is going through this very same problem and we need help, I would very much like the guy’s contact information that you speak of that did in 3 days what attorneys couldn’t. I would like to see if we have a chance of returning to some type of normal, if possible. This has been devastating to my entire family. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.

    • Ash says:

      I was accused of sexual misconduct with my neighbors (16) daughter even though we all have hung out and the daughter has bad drug issues and I told the mother. a week later, I get accused of this when I have been a REAL victim myself. This makes me so sick and I cannot believe this is happening. Why did they drop the charges with you?
      There is no basis that any of this has happened and I would NEVER even think of looking at a child. Im 30.

    • erick says:

      kriss wolf email is eal42605@gmail.com

    • Linda Moore says:

      I wrote a book about my boyfriends nightmare. He wasn’t so lucky. He was forced to take a plea, which was followed by endless fees.Three years later he is still paying. it’s a business. I’m in for representing him, and my book. If we can get the word out about my book, I’d donate some of the profit to fight this atrocity.

      • Kriss Wolf says:

        contact me and let see what we can do to get this together and make it happen.

        email or call me 406-570-5202

      • I have opened a FB page for people to share their stories on, if you are interested.


        I literally just opened it due to the overwelming replies I recv’d in my email. I encourage you to share your story, but leave all contact info off the public page. All details should be emailed to me here, or in a private message on FB. Everyone needs to know they are not alone in these circumstances, and I am so grateful I came across IWFA’s blog. It was an inspiration!

  86. Cynthia says:

    Enjoyed your story. Very informative.very scary stuff. I have always wondered about the falsely accused. There’s never any peace. I would like to know more of your story. Thank you

  87. QT says:

    Yes, It is an horrible nightmare that you can’t believe it happen. My boyfriend is recently falsely accused of this too. We’re shock, we’re confused, we’re emotionally hurt why would this ever happened?
    We need legal advices how to get through this. We need HELPS!!!!

    • Lyn Morris says:

      My boyfriend too was falsely accused of sexual assault after fighting for his children for almost two years. Out of no where he is acused of rape by a estranged daughter. It was a long story that I just finished writing a book about the nightmare. My advise to anyone accused is do your own research. Don’t count on your lawyer and the court system to do what is moral or legal. For the accused of sexual assault there are no rights.

  88. erica says:

    Thank you all for sharing your stories…it is so scary that this can happen literally to anyone at any time, all based on a childs lie alone, with no proof, evidence or witnesses!! My husband was arrested monday & i had to borrow $2,000 to get him out of jail so he can keep his job. A girl i was babysitting back in 2010, who was 4 at the time, made the accusation that he flashed her…one time, no touching alleged, nothing else but exposure, and he was arrested at his job based only on this accusation. The girl was also being left with several male neighbors, friends, and her moms boyfriends while i was babysitting her, so god only knows what someone has done to her, but theres no physical possibility it happened at my home, from my husband!! He worked the same hours as her mom at the time, so he was rarely ever here when this girl was, and they were NEVER ONCE in the same room unsupervised by me! This has already ruined our lives, i had to shut down my daycare and the police and cps have repeatedly interrogated & scared my 7 year old daughter. The alleged victims mother lost her job when i told her she had to pick up her child for the 3rd lice infestation she had. She had called me up threatening me when she lost her job. We cannot afford an attorney because my job has been lost over all this, and i had to post his $2,000 bail. ***edited to remove identifying information***

  89. Kriss Wolf says:

    Everything I tell you is based on actual documents.

    On July 2 2010, I was arrested for Sexual Assault on a Minor.

    On the day the my false accuser claimed I committed the crime she told Doctor Hansen of Bozeman MT. that
    “he came into the room, got on top of me, rub against me until he ejaculated because I felt the warmth and wet through my jeans on my thigh.” Now that’s a hanging statement….however

    1/2 hour later she told the crisis nurse at the hospital when asked if I ejaculated….”I don’t know, I think so.” different story…..what was the difference? They had collected her clothing for testing. She is a well educated modern 15 year old who watches CSI.

    1/2 hour later, Detective Larsen of the G.C.S.O. asker her not once but 4 times did he ejaculate…..the false accusers answer….” He was erect.”

    It gets better. Not only did I tell them that there was child abuse in the girls family, my now ex wife told them, with out ever having talked to me, “when the father gets angry, the children get hurt.” is what my now ex wife told Det. Cristin Larsen Did the sheriffs office follow up on it? NO

    It gets even better…..DNA testing returned in October of 2010 and there were NO traces of seminal DNA on the girl, so what did DA Marty Lamberts office do? They ordered testing so generic that a white male 1:100,000 a black male 1:1,000,000 and a hispanic 1:800,000 chances could have left dna on the clothing….mind you NOT seminal. There were 2 other sets of male dna on the girl in places she claimed I touched here….but NOT mine. Those numbers are numbers taken form the entire world not the state of Montana as the state suggested, that was proven by a DNA expert I hired. Then I did my own testing. There were 13 units of DNA solution shipped from the MT crime lab to my private lab that I hired. Only 3 units arived in sealed containers. To this date no one know where the other 10 units are. Further more testing showed that the states numbers were so far off that it could never have been accurate…..

    And it gets even better. When that testing came back Judge John Brown ordered the girls medical records to be made available….guess what, it took them 4 months to get 12 pages of reports from 3 councilors…….wait it gets better, Dr. Hansen’s paper work was not in the mix. After 9 months it just showed up, proving the girl lied. The DA’s office held that paper work from July 2, 2010 until October 2011.

    The state of montana knew that the girl was lying from the beginning yet I was still arrested, imprisoned and spent over 70K on legal fees.

    The state dropped the case with prejudice!!!!!!! on October 31,2011 16 months after knowing and admitting the girl was lying. This is gets even better now, the girl who was a family friend, told my now ex wife that “at least I won’t get pregnant.” My ex wife is a rape victim and self mutilates. The girl knew that and used that….but it does not end there, my ex wife was committed not once but twice for attempted suicide…. To my knowledge she is still in the Warm Springs mental hospital. I have not seen my adopted son since July 2, 2010 and he was told by my now ex wife I raped the girl because the girl implied it to my now ex wife.

    All because a girl lied after I told her to go home, tell her mom what her dad was doing, that I was turning him in for child abuse…..ironic that the radio plays spots for turning suspected child abusers in and when I do not only do the S.O. not investigate this man, I go to jail because some 15 year old uses that slit between her legs as a weapon.

    Gallatin County has not pressed charges against her. I am seeking an attorney who will push this, but with all the sexual accusations being thrown around is it not about time that the victims of false accusations have their day in the paper. Too many men are in jail falsely accused all because the law will not do their job.


    • Lyn Morris says:

      You are absolutely right. Something has to be done. We need to organize the falsely accused but no one will come forward due to the fear of retaliation. I have written a book about my boyfriends nightmare after being accused. Now that there is some normalty to his life we want to start a national movement to make this injustice known.

    • Renae says:

      Have you contacted the ACLU or the State bar in Montana? They may be able to help you. I speaking from experience, just in Texas.

      • Kriss Wolf says:

        I am suing the state of MT and the ACLU said it was a “charged” topic and would not be seen in a favorable light.

        I am suing the girl, her father, the sheriff’s office and the state.

  90. jesse says:

    My wife asked my 4 year old step daughter if if I have ever touched her,and she said yes,while all 3 of us were in the room.She said they were both asleep and I took off her pants and she said no then I stopped.I left her pants off, but she said she put them back on.see I know it was a dream,but obviously childs word against mine.thing is,it hurts so much that I’m not believed at all.idk what to do,my wife doesn’t beleieve me,and it kills me that she would think that about me.and sad part is my wife has been touched when younger by her brother and uncles.I feel. As if I don’t even wanna live anymore.I’m already been falsely accused of running some people down with my car when I was actually fleeing for my life.I’m better off with a bullet in my haed than the false yet real mess I’m in.thanks for starting. Website for the falsely accused,it helps to vent.

  91. Another Falsely accused Dad that misses his kids! says:

    I am going thru the same thing right now. Accused of sex assualt in the second degree of my oldest son which of course is not true. I have a bitter and vengeful ex that will not move on with her life and has dedicated her life to ruining mine. I have lost my job and can no longer pay child support. Drained my 401K to hire a lawyer that specializes in falsely accused child abuse. Let’s hope that the jury see’s the truth in this. Luckily I have friends and family that support me 100%.

    • Lyn Morris says:

      The sad part is even if you are acquitted of the accusation it will follow you the rest of your life and there will be no consequences for those who lied. That is why we have this monster. Anyone can make an accusation but if found to be not true shouldn’t it be as if we live in a righteous society with the person having to pay for the accused attorney and court fees. I believe that would but a screeching halt to the ex’s using the system to destroy their spouses.

    • Bernadette says:

      My boyfriend has a very similar situation to yours going on right now. I am terrified for him. His ex wife is not only vindictive and mentally unstable, she herself was convicted and did time for on TWO occasions, child endangerment. My boyfriend has not been allowed to see his kids since 2007. Our friends and our families are very supportive but they are balking on hiring him an attorney! I keep trying to tell them that he has no chance in hell with a public defender. the day after his arrest, the little town that the children live in with their mom published his picture with a headline of man wanted for sexual assault arrested in _____! How can they do that? I am beside myself! It’s such an emotional rollercoaster and everything is so uncertain. He is currently being transported back to the state in which the allegations are filed. This is just the most recent in a series of harassments perpetrated by his sick ex who is obsessed with him and determined to destroy his life, even if her child’s well being is the sacrifice. Lowest level of hell reserved for that woman.

  92. anonymous says:

    I was falsely accused and in 1989 I was convicted in Georgia. My wife and I had been working on getting custody of my three children from my first wife, and somehow my daughter was convinced by her mother to go along with the accusations against me (alleging abuse 2 – 4 1/2 years before that). I was imprisoned, and my wife worked tirelessly to try and get the case back into court, until the day she and a close friend were killed when our car was broadsided by a cement truck. To say my life was destroyed is an understatement. What I lost cannot be measured by any means.

    I spent 18 years in prison, served every day of the sentence given me. Had I completed a treatment program – which would have required me to “admit” guilt and talk about the crimes as if I had committed them – I could have been released in 6 years on parole. In effect, I spent 6 years in prison for the conviction, and another 12 for being innocent of the charges I was convicted of. I have been on the sex offender registry for the past 5 years, a nightmare in itself.

    There is never any presumption of innocence, nor any constitutional rights afforded one accused of sexual offenses against any minor. There is no requirement that evidence be presented beyond the words of your accuser, and no matter how many different stories your accuser tells, they are all accepted.

    If you know no better, as I knew no better, you go into it thinking you cannot be convicted because you are innocent – wrong, you were judged guilty when first the words issued from the mouth of your accuser. You may try to cooperate with the detectives and social workers, as I did – don’t, because no matter what you say, it will be twisted in such a way as to make you look guilty in court – demand an attorney before you utter a word to anyone. Perhaps if you are wealthy enough to afford the best attorneys, you will stand a chance in court, otherwise your trial will be no more than a sham.

    If you take a polygraph, submit to “sex offender evaluation” or psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court, only that which makes you appear to be a pedophile will be heard. For every “expert” of your own you line up to testify that you are unlikely to have committed a sex offense, the prosecution will have several to say otherwise.

    Convictions are very seldom overturned, and if the “victim” recants and declares you innocent, it is taken as the final proof that you are indeed guilty.

    You lose friends you always thought of as permanent in your life, much of your family turns against you.

    There are people out there who pose a danger to children and women. They need to be in prison, and if they continue to pose such a danger they should never be released – I knew many such during my 18 years in prison, most of whom were released while I waited for my date. Most of them are never caught, and roam the streets now – not on any registry, either.

    But if society wishes to protect children it must reassess the methods now in use. The real offender in my case was my first wife. The list of victims did indeed include our daughter, but also includes many others – and society itself is one of her victims, and victim too to the laws and court procedures which exist today.

    • Lyn Morris says:

      Anonymous, I am so sorry that our country has let the court system be used as a tool to destroy fathers. I would like to organize these fathers so we have an idea of the numbers. I am making it my goal in life to challenge this atrocity. Please check out my blog as I try to build it and advertise it so that I can get a following going with support for my endeavor. What happened to you and to so many others is wrong.

    • JayNine says:

      OMGSH I am deeply saddened by your story…is there not a Human Rights Board or Commission that you could go to and present a case towards the wrongful accuser? Here in Canada I think there is?

  93. Frey Marlow says:

    I know a lot of what you went through and what you are going through. Even though I do not know exactly what you are going through i do know more than the average person cause I have seen this same exact thing unfold in more than one courtroom case and I knew both of the couples and how vindictive the ex was and is. I have a friend now going through exactly the same thing with his ex-girlfriend now. I can only say that all the people who have falsely accused others and had them convicted of crimes they did not commit, those same people will have their day in a heavenly court with God as their judge and this time they will not get away with it. I have seen too much injustice inside the court system and I warn others so they will know. Thank you for this website. I really do appreciate your courage for telling your story cause so many people are having to live it every day. Anyone can be accused and go through what you, my friend, and thousand and thousands of people are going through it every day.

  94. T says:

    thank you for your sharing your story. I would like to know how to raise funds for something like this.I have been falsely accused and have no funds to retain an attorney. This is just a nightmare. I don’t have deep pockets, and family doesn’t have deep pockets. I do have an attorney that will take my case for 10k. any help would be appreciated. TE in TX

  95. Lost Everything says:

    Thanks for your bravery and persistence in creating this site. While my circumstance is different in degree, it is a mirror to your horror. I was accused of sexual harassment at work and lost my job after a quasi-judicial procedure just like the one you experienced under the cover of “law.” Responses to sexual harassment have adopted the guilt-first doctrine of sexual abuse or assault. And, as you know very well, once you lose your reputation, it can never be won back.

    I hope others will take hope from your site and expand this inquiry to all forms of false accusation.

    • Darlene Snay says:

      My son was arrested for rape & touching several young girls. We hired an investigator & attorney. They both believed in him…we proved the rape was a lie, (this girl accused 8 other guys of raping her)…we had an accuser turn witness and stated the whole thing was a lie, just to get rid of him. My daughter-in-law started the whole thing. (Of course, you are guilty until proven innocent)

      We spent over $15,000 on legal fees, the DA was pushing for 25 to life, the attorney said “it is a crap shoot, you have a 50/50 chance to win, better to take a plea”
      He was scared into taking a plea, no one got to see the evidence. He is serving 3 years in jail, 10 years probation & has to register as a Level 1.
      Why would a lawyer (with evidence) not pursue this case?

      He has 4 kids which his wife has custody of. They all live with us at the time.
      His wife stole from us, is abusive She doesn’t work, doesn’t have a license,
      created a conspiracy to put her husband in jail, her parents don’t want anything to do with her.
      We have her because of the children. We love them & want them safe.
      My son’s kids were interviewed & they were never hurt by my son.
      It was his wifes friends kids that made the accusations.

      Our legal system is screwed up. The real criminals are on the streets.
      His wife and her friend should be arrested. (Her friend bought cigeraettes and gave the kids $50 to lie!)
      That’s justice!

      • Lyn Morris says:

        Darlene, your story mirrors my story of my boyfriend’s nightmare. He too lost his two children to his bi-polar ex. The courts just seem to swallow up their manipulation and lies. We need to organize these stories. This country needs to know the destruction that is happening to hundreds of thousands of families due to false accusations. Please check out my blog as I try to organize a movement to right this wrong.

      • Donna says:

        I would like to talk to you about my son’s case. He is 20 yrs old and being falsely accused of rape on a child, the first offer was 25 yrs to life, if he plead guilty to ATTEMPTS! I cannot let him due this. Please call or email if you know of any resources, I have met the $25,000 bond, already paid the attorney who said we only had enough retainer to get us through the Preliminary hearing, so now he has been turned over to the Public Defender. He has had 3 competency exams and was found not competant, he was then placed in the State Hospital LOCKED forensics unit, for a period to do ” a restoral of competency” He has only been in the hospital since Oct 29, 2012 and he goes to court on Monday Dec 17, 2012 where they will say he has been restored and can now proceed to trial. My son has the mental age of around 14 due to an auto accident, he’s innocent of these charges, but because he is an adult, no one is listening to him.

      • It is hard to find assistance. I will try to find some info that might help you. Did you try Aclu?

  96. Wayne says:

    I currently have an appeal going in the Ontario courts. I did nothing, but still got an assault conviction anyway!

    • dee says:

      i do too and im tottaly inocent, im lost on what to do. I filled and appeal and have a hearing on the 4th. Im not sure if i should go without an attorney. i need some answers please before the hearing.

  97. Scott says:

    I was married to Kathleen *******. in 2010 I lost my job while unemployed I looked at our bank statements and found that she was spend on average 400$ a month on dog and cat food and other crap but not sending $ to any of my medical bills.I returned to work at Cti in springfield,mo ,not getting home I looked at super service. Still not getting home to mountainview got on bus from grand rapids,mi on may16 2010 I had called kathleen to see if. she was on her way I had asked her 3 times finally she said no and left me sitting in Springfield with no $ for food or a place to get out of the rain.after going back to work for cti I found out by my mother I had an ex parte restraining order against me saying I had grabed kathleen in the the fall of 09.I was not allowed to go to the house and get otr logbooks time place and date of my whereabouts to prove she was lying the judge granted order(Truman wells) back in Jan of 2010 when I lost my job with waller again I found myself having to get home without her help.before I had gotten home in Jan she had filed for foodstamps after I went to cti and went back to wi she stayed at which point still receiveing foodstamps.I forgot to mention we had 6 dogs and cats ea and 40 free roaming cats she fed pizza from caseys where she was working I called anyone I could think of including *** I later found out she was getting help feeding all the animals great way to spend tax $. kathleen had prior history of fraud when married to ***. I had asked Scott *** her first husband if his dad had struck katleen in the head with a board and he laughedand admittedhis dad did do it.in what world did it become my responsibility to provide for her kids because their dead beat dad refused to get a job or when they found him he’d quit.everything in that house located at 846 county road 3450 mountainview,mo was possible by me.my credit was destroyed she got the deduction for the house her kids and herself earn income credit probably.I was accused of something I didn’t do and wasn’t there.and she gets away with massive fraud and abuse.

    ***Edited by blog owner to remove identifying information***

  98. No Name says:

    Just like the Crucible…

  99. Toby Jackson says:

    I never thought that I would find any groups of people that are willing to get out in the open these kinds of topics, especially because of the negative stigma society throws at people accused of any child crimes. My friend as of today, Nov. 8, 2011, has done 15 years on a 60 year sentence in Georgia for a crime the victim said never occured. A total hearsay case. And to add insult to injury, his indictment accuses him of the acts over 2 months after the police did thier report of the case. Its like the cops doing a report of a bank robbery months before someone shows up to rob it. This prompted me to start a Facebook account on this and our goal of implementing an indefinate international boycott on the entire state of Georgia. Look for my name on Facebook, Toby Jackson with the Atlanta Falcons football emblem. We hope to create a website to expose all the facts and a Paypal link to a non profit trust account for anyone wishing to donate to help hire a lawyer to take the case, like actor Johnny Depp did for the West Memphis Three just recently. Anyone wishing to provide tips or guidance on what we need to do to get this accomplished, please feel free to email me at: tobyjackson1508@yahoo.com ……and to all of you out there, we feel your pain. We understand. We are always here for you if you need someone to talk to. WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS.

    • IWFA says:

      Thanks so much for your support Toby. Without talking about it – the ‘general public’ will have NO IDEA how frequently this occurs. You read about the accusations and arrests in the newspaper, but you NEVER see or read about when that person was proven innocent!

    • Laura Coleman says:

      I am so grateful that I found this site! I have been looking for support…my boyfriend was falsely convicted of molesting his girlfriend’s daughter 10 years ago. He spent 6 years in prison fighting his case and eventually got it overturned by the Supreme Court! However, out of fear of losing another trial, he took a plea bargain that requires him to register as a sex-offender for 25 years. At the time he was scared into it. Now, his life has been destroyed. I love him with all of my heart and support him 100%, but it is very discouraging to watch his life be destroyed by this label, as well as my own friends and family judging me and my decision to be with him…I welcome any advice and am comforted just knowing there are others out there going through this…

      • Aimee says:

        I have a friend who is dealing with this and it is very say that your family and friends are not beside you 100 percent 😦 it frustrates me to know that you can’t love someone that is convicted of this and not be judged yourself 😦 I pray for peace for you both and know that it only takes one person to have faith in them to make them believe there are still good people in the world 🙂 you my friend are that angel from heaven 🙂

      • Dixie Browen says:

        Hi Laura, I am dealing with the same thing right now. The judgement from friends who may have been abused as children. I can still hear, “really, is this the best you can do ? be with ***** who is in jail for child rape and molestation?” You don’t get points I’ve discovered for sticking with someone who you know is innocent. In my bf’s case, he has four accusers who have piled on for something that alleged happened more than 10 years ago. Much like the gentleman who writes this blog, anyone/everyone who knows my BF knows these charges are not true. Unfortunately, he has an extremely vindictive, manipulative ex with whom he has one child. Oh how I curse the day they met. There is no statute of limitation in these cases ? There is no evidence, no witnesses, no medical exams…yet there he sits going on 3 months now….awaiting pre-trial hearing. Many others have said it on this blog, and I will echo it….where is the justice for the falsely accused ???? The DA’s office proclaims “protection for victims!” Well, what about FA victims ? This is the most outrageous travesty….and our tax dollars support this. I attend certain meetings where we say the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. I cannot/will not pledge that anymore.

        He has a lawyer hired by a family member. There is next to zero communication from this guy…no responses to my emailed questions. (I understand I’m not the client, nor am I paying, however he knows I am the GF and he has acknowledged and/or emailed me once or twice.) Is this normal ? Is it normal that the very few meetings he has had with my BF are behind glass at the jail ?

        Please respond with an update on your situation….I will be commenting here now that I’ve found this site. Thank you to IWFA blogger for your incredible story….(we’re waiting for an update from you too!…but so THRILLED for you that you made it through to the other side.) God bless all of us. May the innocent PREVAIL.

        P.S. I am in SF Bay Area, California. I would like to meet with anyone who may be in the area….no one really knows what this is like except us who are going through it….

      • BCA says:

        Hi Dixie: I am going through very similar circumstances with my own boyfriend. I myself work for a law firm (not in this field) and have been ASTOUNDED at the statistics I am finding on how easy it is to ruin a person’s life with a false accusation of this nature. My B
        F is currently incarcerated awaiting a pre trial conference at which the DA will offer a plea bargain which he will refuse as he is innocent and a trial date will be set. We are going with a public defender after much research. There aren’t any guarantees with a private attorney other than the guarantee of a fat legal bill whereas with the PD, due to the severity of the charges, he will be guaranteed the BEST the office has to offer with much experience in defending just this kind of thing. His pre-hearing PD was very confident in his chances of prevailing at trial and says “you WANT this to go to trial.” Teh accusing ‘mother’ who is putting her tween-aged daughter through this to meet her own warped ends, has a record of her own and will not make a sympathetic witness. The PD who witnessed the testimony of the mother and the child ( who is being brainwashed at the least and intimidated and coerced in to this ) found neither of them to be credible, strong witnesses and states that the mother will NOT be sympathetic on the stand. I continue to try my best to visualize a just outcome and fight being overwhelmed by the what-ifs.

      • In the last year and the constant research and trying to find an ounce of logic in the nightmare we are living, I did find when the allegations are not true, the mom makes sure that the whole world knows what has happened to her child. My fiance’s ex wife called everyone she knew, even me, in I don’t know how many states what “happened”!! Also, at the beginning of the year the ex step kids aunt posted on Facebook that she had just found out that her daughter had been sexually abused for the last year!! Who in their right mind would post something like this on Facebook for the world to see?? It sickens me to know a mother would post something like this!! The guy was arrested right away, got out on bail and was indicted within a month and a half! We are sitting at over a year and nothing!!!

      • rod s says:

        Went through this already, in San Jose. Vindictive, destructive ex coerced my kids to lie about sexual abuse. Ridiculous story she told but Cps, the cops, and the judges (to a degree) bought it. They are a bunch of buffoons, not a thing happened to ex even when she was caught out as a liar in court. Court was a farce, court appointed screener was downright incompetent, so blatantly bad at her job judge had no choice but make her do 2 evals. Please contact me, not really an expert on what to do but I have been there and perhaps you can learn from my experience.
        A l a c a z a b a @ y a h o o dot c o m

    • Lyn Morris says:

      Toby, I’m on board. Those who love and care for the falsely accused need to fight for the victims of the falely accused. I wrote a book about my boyfriends nightmare and hope to start organizing a fight for these men. I will email you as well. My challenge is because I live with a SOR I can not have the internet. I can’t do this by myself but I’m a fighter and see this as my mission. My blog is sexoffenderregistryruse.blog.com.
      My email is sexoffenderregistyruse@gmail.com

  100. MaryAnn says:

    I don’t believe any of us thought prior to it happening to us that falsely accusing someone of something could result in a conviction. Our whole family was shocked, still to this day that our son is in prison for the “invisible crime.” We will continue to fight for his exoneration and continue to speak out about how this type of crime is the worst of the worst, destroying the children, the families and the truly innocent individuals involved. I received many emails asking why I won’t post the so called crime and it is for the very reasons you’ve stated. To protect the children and to protect ourselves. Vindictiveness comes in all forms but this type truly destroys lives forever. Keep strong and know we support you and appreciate your website. The more the public is informed, the more the potential jurors will learn about the true “justice system.”

  101. Champion for What's Right says:

    Wow this story is so close to somebody I know who is going through the same thing! Randy Price in Baltimore falsely accused him of touching him and he went to jail for it. Now that the court threw out the case he and his family are mad. I will tell him to visit your site and maybe it will encourage him.

  102. the woodlands says:

    my son was falsely accused of sexually abusing his cusin ,he was 14 and the child was 4, 5 years after the fact, the dad come back in said he did not see anything , the reason why he said he saw something, because he was abused as a child, but my son has been going through this for 11 yrs he can’t get a job are anything, he is now 25 yrs old, because of the little boy father, my son do not have a life, now the dad come back and try to make up for what he did, but it to late his life is mass up.

    • faith says:

      Right now my 15 year old son is getting blamed for the same thing. It was to happen this past sat but its very hard when he was in the woods for junior hunting from 7am till 6:40 pm then he had bowling to be at by 7 pm then home by 9:30- 10pm now where in the hell would he have time to do something like this and this is the 4 time this mother has said this happen to her daughter and he was cleared each time. This is bullshit.

  103. Karen says:

    my son has been wrongfully accussed of sexuall touch with my cousins daughter who was 14 at t time she is 17 now she had no shred of evedice only some texts messages she said she had , 3ppl had stored them on their phones but ,1 lost their phone 1 lost sim card t other deleted them by mistake ? t police were not in court 2 back it up cos they were on holiday , t judge commented on his summin up it was very very poor policeing he said t my son u r not a danger 2 t public iam given u t lowest i can give u 3yrs ? 4 what ? doing nothin

  104. Marnie says:

    Hi there,

    I want to thank you for sharing your stories. We are going through a similar story with my spouse . It’s so freighting, he was accused with indecency with a child. I never knew how corrupt the District attorney really is. There is no way this “crime” could have happened because there was too many people around. It goes to show that any child can makeup a story. God help me!

    • MaryAnn says:

      We as well had “too many people around”. We even had a credit card statement showing we took everyone out to dinner as well as exculpatory DNA but it didn’t matter to our incompetent jury. They felt it was better to fall asleep during testimony, eat with the victim and family and be left unattended outside smoking with the other side. Be as prepared as you can be because once they convict you, you will fight harder than you’ve ever fought to have your loved one vindicated.

    • Forever assumed guilty says:

      I wish I could send you hope and tell you it will all work out for good in the end. I used to believe that for myself. I too have been falsely accused of molestation. After 2 years of various disgracing court appearances, loosing every thing I ever owned including any friendships, $20K or so later, false hopes in DNA testing and penis plethysmograph tests, all testing in my favor, I was advised by my lawyer to plea bargain to a lesser charge.

      Now every day I have to live with the disgrace that I am on the Sex offender list, and me and my family always live in shame that Dad will someday be “found out” by some goody two shoes neighbor on the website. I am always assumed at least partially guilty when people find out, ruining any friendships I build. So now I don’t build friendships. It is a waste of time and pain.

      I don’t blame people for checking for Sex Abusers in their area. I do have a very hard time figuring out how to get information like is on this website shared to people who are not falsely accused. The only people who look up and believe information like this are already aware that this problem of false sex abuse. I have lived with this for over 15 years. If I think about my kids facing the crap in school they could be faced with due to my false accusations and the final outcome of them… I wish they had a different father. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t have a thought about suicide. Only my faith in GOD and the pain it would put my family through keep me moving on. May your Husband find at least this amount of will power and faith to struggle on as well.

      • Marie Fries says:

        I can relate… i cant even tell the story right now… I have written the goodbye letter earlier today, hanging on by a string of “i don’t know what” well no… it would kill my mother, and yet, seeing her child tormented by this witch/warlock hunt is killing her. I was on facebook and read part of a inspiring story, the sentence “you are not alone” stood out… So i googled falsely accused website, which led me here.
        And so… maybe my mothers prayers are working… i am here and i don’t feel completely alone…. i still cant believe that this can happen in America, home of the free? How niave i was… my life is a horror story now. Really… sometimes i think offing myself on youtube might get the message across, i know its a dark thought, and i have learned that “they” just don’t care about the truth. I had even left a message with Micheal Moore to do a documentary on this, but…well… i guess he knows better… God help us all

      • http://www.facebook.com/#!/voicefor.victims.77

        Please share your story! I am trying to get as many families heard and some light shone on these issues!

      • Lyn Morris says:

        There are so many who have been where you are at. Please know that there are some willing to fight to make a change. I am one of them. I have written a book about my boyfriends nightmare. Now my focus is making some changes. Please follow me on sexoffenderregistryruse.blogspot.com. My email is sexoffenderregistryruse@gmail.com

        The fight is on.

      • I would like to post a link to your blog on my

        Are you ok with that?

      • IWFA says:

        I’d be honored. Thank you!

  105. Linda says:

    My husband was falsely accused by an adopted daugther as a revenge tactic just after she left home at 18. I know he is 100% innocent~ He was convicted on her story alone, and was sentenced to 20 years to life. I feel so helpless .. there is nothing I can do~ This is just so wrong~

  106. Natalie says:

    My boyfriend made the mistake of marrying into a VERY dysfunctional hillbilly family. There were three sisters including the ex-wife. They were all molested by their brother. All of the sisters got a divorce. And ALL of the ex-husbands were accused of some sort of abuse…including my boyfriend. The first sister’s ex-husband died of a heart attack during his accusations, the second sister’s husband was put away for a couple of years for abuse and now my poor boyfriend has been accused, tried and convicted without a shred of evidence of this heinous crime. He is now facing 75 years in prison for something he did not do.
    His representation was poor and he was not given a fair trial. He had plenty of evidence and several witness that were denied in the motion process.. Did I mention they did NOT have ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE!
    I realize the mere thought of an adult touching a child in the wrong way turns our stomach..
    But, the justice system fails all the time. Had he had due process he would not be in this situation. He was guilty the second he walked thru the door. He never had a fair chance to defend himself.
    This is a person’s life that this family has destroyed.
    We pray every day for his appeal to go through and do it’s justice.

  107. Gina S.J. says:

    My husband has been falsely accused by my niece who was 13 Yrs. old. I believe in his innocence 100%. Then the da and all that brought our own 6 yr. old and misled her and they said she disclosed. He has not seen his children in a year and a half and he just went for pretrial where they offered him 55 yrs. We turned it down so now we’re getting ready to go to trial. It scares us to death of what could happen because I know the legal system is so screwed up and biased. They automatically assume that you are guilty. Please if you have any suggestions let me know.

  108. I always love the novels of John Grisham, they are full of suspense and surprises :

  109. Stephen says:

    i aiso was acussed of a crime god knows i didnt commint iwas acussed of attemp murder attemp robber and sentence to100 years i did about 4 year my case was over turn by applet court i was given another trial only for the pursuctor to give me an plea for time serve no probation the only reason i took the plea is because i was rape repeatly in prison an my mom was dying of cancer with she died in my arms im mad as hell because because the system knew they had the wrong man i use to believe every thing hear on the news about someone being accused of this and that because it happen to me i hurt ever day and relive all that happen to me were is the justise

  110. Jay says:

    On the opposite side of the world i am living your nightmare which for me only started 7 months ago, I don’t know where you gain your strength from to continue, I’m struggling BIGTIME!
    Stay safe

  111. Anonimous says:

    The issue of false rape claims is discussed in detail at: http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com

    For a primer:

    Men and Women both are victims of false accusations. It is a civil and human rights issue.

  112. RODYD says:

    My son was married to a woman who talked about a plan she had to falsely accuse her father of molesting her when she found out he had been having an affair. We always just thought she was a mean spirited girl dog; but she kept telling how she and her sister had warned her dad if he ever left her mother, they would take care of him. After 15 years of marriage, my son decided he could take no more of her meanness; so he told her he was leaving. Their 14 years old daughter steps up to the plate and accuses our son of molesting her. It turns out she has Borderline Personality Disorder–it is not borderline anything. She is a full blown sociopath! (Google BPD and see what these people, especially teen girls are like).

    To make a very long story short, our son has been locked up for 5 years and 8 months. We had prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of council–including collusion with the PA, our second attorney had Alzheimer’s Disease. Our family spent our collective life savings, only to have him convicted. We have had one ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals that deals with esculpatory evidence. When it was remanded back to our county, the new PA dismissed it and said our son should never have been charged in the first place. We continue to fight. Keep us in your prayers.

    • Roxanne says:

      I would love to know where in MO this occured. My brother is being falsely accused of 10 counts of sodoly towards his stepdaughter. The grandparents have always hate him and when their daughter, my brothers wife decided to move to MO, they called the hotline in MO and falsely accused him of horrible things. The PA is going for the jugular on my brother, tampering with the case, threatening witnesses and even located my brothers ex wife-they have a child together that my brother has had full custody of for 6 yrs, and got her to lie in order to get her son back. She hasnt even tried to see or talk with her son in a year and a half! Now, she is saying that my brother molested her-the exwife, and their son. The PA is changing everyones testimonies to be what she wants and filing extra charges against him to attempt to revoke his bond and throw him back in jail. He is innocent and out of money. Any ideas to help would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. We have so much information recorded, as we record everything that makes all of her witnesses out to be liars!

  113. GH says:

    My friend, we all see and watch this on TV all the time and no one really knows what goes on in the back ground. When the show is over we turn the TV off or change the channel and go on with our lives. I know you lived this and suffered through this for a long time. You stayed strong and made it because of friends and family. Well never forget that the same friends and family will always be with you no matter what till the end and that comes from the heart. You turned out stonger that most of us will ever be by going through what you did. I hate to say this, but as we live in the greatest country in the world our judicial system sucks and has for many year. If any one can make a change in it, it will be you because of your strength. As I once said in a letter I would be proud to have a son like you and I mean that.

    Bless you my friend

  114. Susan says:

    Dear Friend,
    It has to take alot of strength to share your story, with everything you have been put through. I know how strong of a person your are and from your story you will remain forever strong. God has truly blessed you my friend. Your faith remained strong throughout the nightmare and your friends are so proud of you.
    Best of Luck on your story

    • IWFA says:

      Thank you. It is ONLY because of the support of friends like you – and my family – that I was able to keep going to wait it out for the result we all knew was right. There were times, as you will read about, that it would have been so much easier just to take a plea offer to get it over with and move on…but due to friends’ encouragement I knew I couldn’t do that and let them down. Thanks again – and I hope you enjoy reading!

      • MaryAnn says:

        Yes, it is only through the gift of God that we have been able to endure this nightmare. He has put us in contact with many others that lend moral support, we have been extremely blessed to have the support of our own family, our church family and many we have never met. It is through our faith that we can endure this pain. Knowing this, I believe that God has a plan through this and if that plan is to keep informing others, then you are doing an amazing job! As difficult as this is, we have always had the strength of God behind us.

  115. Anonymous Friend says:

    The courage and strength it takes to share your “nightmare” is so admirable! Most of us would want to put it all behind us and move on, but to relive your personal experience and share your story with others in the hopes that it gives them the courage to not give up speaks of your truly caring character.

    • IWFA says:

      Thank you, “friend”, for those kind words! I think that even if it helps just one person – the way faslelyaccuseddad.com encouraged me – then all the time it takes (much more than I imagined) is so worth it.

      A great idea I was given the other day to help this site give back even more was creating some income off the site by hosting ads, etc – and donating that money to groups that advocate for, and assist others falsely accused and falsely convicted like the ‘False Accusation Team’ and the ‘Innocence Project’ that I have linked here…

      Thanks again for your encouragement – and keep reading!

      • I have opened a FB page for people to share their stories on, if you are interested.


        I literally just opened it due to the overwelming replies I recv’d in my email. I encourage you to share your story, but leave all contact info off the public page. All details should be emailed to me here, or in a private message on FB.

        I hope to see you there, and God bless

      • charles krouse says:

        Ive been locked up since novmber im falsely acused I finally made bond still owe but my free lawyer says he dont know if I will beat it but for $8500 a payed lawyer said I would win but I have no more money so is there a place to get donation ?? Please help

  116. IWFA says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the early interest in the site! There were over 150 views in just the first 24 hours! I hope you all subscribe to get my updates (up there in the upper right corner) – and come back often to see what else is new. Take care!


    • karen says:

      This is very scary my brother is being accused touching his granddaughter the state police have threatening him with indictment for one year we cannot get any answers..crazy system

      • Josh says:

        This is a great way to learn about how horrific this system has become. After the acquittal 18 months ago.I finally got to see my kids after going to court and 3 days after I saw them my ex-wife packed all of the stuff they owned and moved. I filed a report with thepolice and have an open case with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.Now what?

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