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Thank You All!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your support of my story!  I truly apologize that I have gone so long without an update.  When I set out on this journey of sharing my story, I truly underestimated the time it would take to maintain this blog!  I do intend on continuing the story ASAP though – so, please hang in there with me!

And, for the HUNDREDS of you that have sent me email of support…WOW – and thank you!  I genuinely wish I had the time to respond to every one of your personally, because your words, questions, pleas for help truly mean so much for me.  Unfortunately, the time available after work and family doesn’t allow a personal response to everyone right now.  If I could find a way to finance my blog – I would happily dedicate all my time to finding you resources in your local communities that could help you – but that just isn’t the case!

Again – I have no words to express what the overwhelming support for my story means.  Thank you for your patience with waiting for the next ‘chapter’ – and I am committing to you all that I will finish the entire story (which actually hasn’t fully ended yet…) as time permits!

Please Note: Posts in the ‘My Story’ page always have the newest post on the top. If you would like to read the story from the beginning – start with “An Introduction”. Thanks for reading! ~IWFA

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